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Watford 5 Charlton Athletic 0

What a shambles.

Very few times in my years as a Charlton Athletic fan can I ever predict a result or a performance, because we have always been so unpredictable, save the days of games against Manchester United, or the FA Cup.

However today’s defeat was a dead cert, but despite this 2,024 Addicks spent hard earned money to travel and watch the team they love, and gave the players total backing for the entire game. And this was their reward.

Perhaps Katrien could start her reconciliation process and suggest to her boss that every fan should have their match ticket money refunded. It would be a start.

No doubt Roland was sat in his control tower in front of a line of televisions watching feeds of games of teams he owns like a modern day Blofeld, blaming Damian Matthew and Ben Roberts, for an insipid and gutless display.

Matthew and Roberts, the two blokes who were in ‘temporary charge’ Monday and this morning.

The Guy Luzon effect. It’s almost funny.

Yet, what kind of men, professional sportsmen, competitive, well paid and privileged individuals put in an afternoon of ‘work’ like that? What does that say about them? Where is the pride, where is the humility?

2,024 ‘fans’ paid to come and watch you, and that is what you think they deserve?

It’s despicable, and I am embarrassed that you dare even wear the shirt of the football club I and many, many thousands of others love.

Yes, we get it. You didn’t like Bob, you are unhappy about the new bloke, with no work permit, who has the personality of a wet cabbage, but you are professional footballers.

If you really care, help us get our football club back.

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Around the League: Stuart Pearce’s Forest won at Derby late, Bournemouth stay top winning at Rotherham and Ipswich won at The Den. At the bottom Blackpool conceded two late goals at Wolves and Wigan drew with Watford.

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  1. ken from bexley #

    And KM’s encounter on the train, rounded the week off as one of the worst in CAFC history to me. A PR disaster, confidence and moral down the drain, and the decline continues.
    Quite where that appears on the network balance sheet I have no idea?

    Some hard training, and focus by the players on the next match should concentrate the players, I think they owe the fan’s something, at least the poor individuals that travelled today.
    A win would be handy…….

    January 17, 2015
  2. California Addick #

    A very sad and as you say very predictable result to a very disturbing week. One of the worst weeks in my 60 years supporting this team albeit now from afar. And I have no hope that this is going to get better anytime soon. We may have not been able to score all season but we could defend. Clearly that is no longer the case. Goals against and no goals for suggest only one thing. The surprising attitude of the players is more than concerning and worrying and does not bode well with loser Luzon(just hope I am eating my words soon)

    This owner is not likely to change. Am glad for the new pitch and maybe better pies that I have not tasted but the only thing that makes a business tick is revenue and it is what happens on the pitch that pays for everything else. We all new at the start of the season the squad was far too small, we had stupidly let our best players go, desperately needed a striker and a creator and as of now still do not see any reasonable steps taken to show that is likely to happen in this window.

    Clearly new ownership with real intent of making this club successful would be great but we are and will be stuck with this one and he will not change which means a lot of miserable Saturday nights to come.

    January 17, 2015
    • Standard supporters have rioted, boycotted and attempted to attack Duchâtelet, yet he remains their owner.

      January 17, 2015
  3. California Addick #

    Yes he is not going anywhere and in the economic environment we are in there are not many who would make the investmens needed to get this team back in the Premier and stay there

    January 17, 2015
  4. Luke #

    Wigan drew with Watford, if only lol,

    January 17, 2015
  5. steve1957 #

    You hit the nail on the head in your first three words…..What a shambles.

    The performance, the appointment of Luzon and the process preceding it, the work permit issue, the comments from Katrien, the talk of dressing room unrest and cliques, the lack of depth in the squad, the attitude of the players and the attitude of the owner; yes, the whole of CAFC is one bloody great shambles at the moment.


    January 18, 2015
  6. Sam lloyd #

    What goes around comes around I’m afraid & what “they” are doing to “the” club is coming back to bite them on the bum. I hope it bloody well hurts just like we’re all hurting now !!

    January 18, 2015
  7. LP #

    I totally agree with you about the players CA – there a lot of us out here who have to work for people we don’t particularly like (not me I’m glad to say) but we are professional and get on with it because we need the money. Now is the time for players and fans to pull together to avoid relegation which is more than a possibility. I do not want to go down with the scum. I really hope Luzon gets deported – others would be rousted out of their beds and taken off to a detention centre for working illegally.
    I think I may have mentioned before the result of the recent WatfordvHuddersfield game. But I am so glad Chrissie got out of this madhouse.

    January 18, 2015

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