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A load of old waffle

New manager head coach, new sheet of paper, clean slate.

Of course, I’m willing to give anyone a chance, including Guy Luzon, despite his press being worse than a combination of Iain Dowie and Alan Pardew. Read this interview with respected Belgian journalist and Standard Liege fan Douglas de Coninck and weep.

A British born Belgium journalist I have grown to respect John Chapman said this:

“And so it came to pass that Guy Luzon became coach of Charlton Athletic. Only reason is that he’s already on Duchatelet’s payroll. Luzon made no friends at Standard Liege. Had promising start but lost the plot when pressure on. Has no record of club success.

Duchatelet running his network of clubs like he would a multinational company. People ‘transferred’ between countries as vacancies arise. But football ain’t like that. To be successful, all football clubs need a soul. Sadly lacking now at CAFC and Standard.”

There will be 2,000 Addicks at Watford on Saturday. It will be a surreal afternoon. There won’t be a riot but there will be an away end full of uncertainty and distrust.

Who knows how the players will respond. A change in manager doesn’t alter the fact that our squad is stick thin. Will Duchatelet allow his fellow Belgian to recommend some new signings to improve the team? Will Luzon exert some much needed confidence?

How will he impose his long ball game on players such as Johann Gudmundsson, Igor Vetokele, Joe Gomez, Yoni Buyens and Tal Ben Haim? The latter two both outcast’s under Luzon at Standard?

Luzon is no more than a stooge. Who agreed to stay on a payroll after being sacked following a riot. Where is the self-esteem? The courage in your own ability. Why does no else want to employ this “extremely talented and passionate coach.”?

We’ll deal with Luzon later, and he is lucky because he’s getting paid to manage head coach our great football club. I hope he is afforded some time because Katrien amongst the smokescreen “understands that this club needs and deserves a head coach who can plan and take charge for the long-term.”

You know, owners, chairmen, CEO’s, directors, managers, coaches and players come and go, but what is always left behind is that iconic proud badge of a football club formed by a group of teenagers in 1905 who wanted to begin a local football team for the community.

I’ve always held onto that but Roland Duchâtelet is trying his damnedest to take that away from us.

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  1. redvalley9 #

    Look on the bright side there can’t be many left in the network.

    Sent from my Ultrafast Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on Three

    January 14, 2015
  2. Skudds #

    I’m in my seventies,first visit to the valley age six,gave up my season ticket two years ago as Imoved to Devon twenty five years ago, home games have been four hundred miles round trips in that time,still follow the team like we all do, I think that this is one of the most worrying times in all my years of support, I wonder how Richard Murray feels.

    January 14, 2015
    • “I wonder how Richard Murray feels.” Now that is a good question.

      January 14, 2015
  3. Graham. Larkinson #

    We need to adopt the German stance of 50% fan ownership. Our club no longer has any identity and we’re on the cusp of playing the long ball. The problems at Hull, Leeds, Birmingham, well actually just about every club under foreign ownership. Short term success, long term problems!

    Chelsea started this and look at them success yes, couldn’t fail really with all the millions splashed on the team. What about the English kids who have the technique but are denied the chance to show case their talents? Their trying to drum up some sort of atmosphere there even though they top the premier league. Why? The soul has been ripped out of the club. Maybe us English fans deserve it as the Germans and other Europeans are so more advanced than us!!!
    If the owner spent 40 million on the team and we became a success over night, youth players at the expense most fans would be overjoyed. Intelligence seems to be what’s missing here!

    January 14, 2015
  4. LP #

    I renewed my season ticket this year at the very last minute because of my distrust of the current owner, and against my better judgement I was talked into it by people who told me I had to continue supporting my club no matter what. I wasn’t intending to stop going completely – just not be a season ticket holder any more. But how much more of this rubbish are we supposed to take. Did he not sack this man because he was rubbish at SL, and now he has given him a job with us? Or have I misunderstood? What on earth does that say – that he hates us and wants to see us relegated? Or is he quite simply mad. Either way I wish he would clear off and stick his network up his ****. In my humble opinion Yoni and Ben have been two of our best players this season – it doesn’t bode well does it? I cannot remember a time when there has been such obvious discontent amongst the players – if Sir Chris were a lesser man he’d be laughing his socks off.

    January 14, 2015
  5. john cook #

    yes i did the same but i will not be renewing my season ticket again i have had it to thanks for nothing RD.

    January 14, 2015
  6. Kim #

    Excellent post CA and responses that have followed. Perhaps we as supporters should be looking for a “rich” Charlton supporter……………must be someone out there, who can make a bid to “buy-out” Roly and give us back our Club. Long shot, but ever the optimist!

    January 14, 2015
  7. LP #

    Time for the Trust to get off that fence before it gets splinters.

    January 14, 2015
    • I think to be fair to them LP, the Trust have been trying to engage with KM and RD for many months without any success.

      January 14, 2015
  8. Frank #

    Time too to hear from Richard Murray and to establish what he makes of the bastardisation of our club

    January 14, 2015
  9. Sam lloyd #

    Excellent post CA & I echo all that you say. I’m also in two minds about renewing my season ticket or not, the way I feel at the moment it’s the latter. Shame really as I’ve been going to Charlton with my Dad for donkey’s years & now thanks to RD that tradition could very well be ending – Welling here we come !!

    January 14, 2015
  10. It’s hard to see a bright spot on the horizon,but I respectfully suggest that unti the Saturday game against Watford has been played we should all hold back a little!!!

    Emotions do run high in these situations,and like others I have been supporting the club for fifty plus years and feel completely powerless,which of course I am at this moment in time.

    We have been through as bad if not worse times I.e in 80’s,when we had to camp out atSelhurst Park etc

    The main problem here,seems to me, is the insidious decline plus the uncertainty of a better future

    We do and must need to hear from RD ,as to what are his intentions for our club now and in the future.

    We need direction and a clear focus,Limping on doesn’t help anybody or anything and will just assist the decline

    Suugest that web Keep your powder dry until Full Time on Saturday

    Best to you all

    Lost in the West

    January 14, 2015
  11. Peter G. #

    I wonder where this all leaves Damian Matthew and Ben Roberts. Will they still be picking the team for Watford, at least?

    January 14, 2015
  12. LP #

    Sorry Richard – are you suggesting all our problems will be over with a win on Saturday?. If only that were the case. Even if the new man starts off well, it isn’t going to last – have we learnt nothing? Have you read anything the SL fans have to say? I suggest you do. And my apologies to the Trust who have posted an excellent interview with a SL fan. It is not going to get better all the time we have this owner. And it doesn’t matter if we protest or ask to talk to him, he doesn’t give a monkeys. The only thing he will listen to is his pocket – so it is simple – every season ticket holder writes to him telling him they are not renewing – and then that is what they do. I feel so sorry for the players and hope they can find it in their hearts to at least play for us.

    January 14, 2015
  13. Keith Searle #

    Guy Luzon is hardly a surprise – nothing is at the Valley nowadays. As I said on LinkedIn everything that happens is blindingly obvious because it all stems from Duchatelet stables.

    Quite how he can employ a man he has sacked once for not getting results is a mystery until you realise the man remains on the pay roll. Presumably it was cheaper to keep him than sacking him and paying the compensation. So unlike the usual recruitment process where you invite people to come forward who at least pretend for the hour they are being interviewed that they have always wanted to coach at the Valley – he doesn’t give a stuff and its just a job he has been shoved into. Great that’s just what we want,

    I expect he will do well at first and the team will rally and we might get back to winning ways but then his lack of knowledge of the Championship,and the paucity of ambition by the club means one day he will be sacked. Then what? Do we get yet another failure from the Duchatelet stable? So it will go on.

    If you look at his history and that of Standard Liege it is all so depressingly similar, The only way it changed was when the SL fans got together and revolted and he suddenly seemed to see the light “I have many qualities but I do not always communicate well and I didn’t read the situation right” he said and agreed a charter with the fans to provide more involvement and discussion between the fans and him. .

    So is the answer for us to once again get together and combine our talents as we did once before and get some semblance of our club back. At least it would be nice if we could talk..

    January 14, 2015
  14. Martin Cowan #

    CA, I don’t think Luzon is Belgian.

    Whatever we think about RD, his aspiration to run a football club and not lose money has to be applauded. That probably makes him unique in English football. In terms of his vision, I think we know what it is, some people just don’t like it. He wants success for the team (clearly this must be the case – SCP was sacked when we were bottom of the league, and the way we were going with BP at the controls was in the same direction). Success on the pitch will result in financial stability for the club and we will be thankful for this one day when RD decides to sell. A debt-free club (if this could ever be achieved) would be quite attractive to a future purchaser. However, I’m surprised at some of what I’m reading on the blogs. People saying this is worse than having to leave the Valley. Really?? There were a few people talking about BP getting the push after the last few games and I for one was pretty fed up with hearing him say “You can’t do anything about it” after we’d failed to score or lost a game. Come on, Bob, you’re the coach, you must be able to do something about it. It sounded like he had lost the players, and as de Coninck says, there’s no way back from that. No one is really saying Peeters shouldn’t have gone, and if you accept that he had to go, and you understand RD’s model (which by now we do) there was only one way it was going which was to get another RD man at the helm. And I seem to remember that back in October when Luzon got the push from SL, there was talk of him coming to the Valley to take over. That was in October when the garden still looked rosey. RD wants success, as do the fans. He also wants the club to be financailly stable, as do the fans. He has a unique approach to trhing to achieve these things, we shall see how it gets on over the coming weeks and months. At least if it all goes tits up with this one, there’s still Jose Riga who can come in and bale us out!

    January 14, 2015
    • Yes, sorry, Luzon is Israeli, not Belgium. Agree on Peeters, and a lot more stuff is coming out about him losing the dressing room and not respecting members of staff.

      My gripe is the process of how they have appointed Luzon. It stinks.

      It of course is not comparable to leaving The Valley and I do hope he is “our new Alex Ferguson.”

      January 14, 2015

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