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Charlton Athletic 0 Brighton & Hove Albion 1

I wrote this on the plane yesterday afternoon flying back from Gatwick after watching the Brighton game on Saturday, which was to be Bob Peeters’ last.

I thought I’d still post my report, particularly as some of it could serve as Bob Peeters’ epilogue….

“You know how we used to say anyone can beat anyone in this league? We’re proving that wrong.” Brian Haines, Charlton Blogger

Terrible wasn’t it?

How have we fallen so far since those heady September days, that Derby game on that August evening. What an earth has happened?

We have long been found out and Peeters either is unable to conquer it, or simply not good enough tactically to address the issues. All aided and abetted by the owner failing to give Peeters enough players.

Injuries, loss of form and suspensions happen, but the head coach has simply been unable to counteract this, except by putting in not ready youngsters or judging by yesterday, dissatisfied and alienated squad players.

Do the players still believe in Peeters’ vision? Do we believe in the vision? A vision that has so halfheartedly been explained to us by our owner.

I really want Peeters to succeed. Nothing would make me happier, but it is getting worse, game by game, dropped place in the table by dropped place.

Furthermore from what his players deliver on the pitch, how they are acting and what the head coach himself is saying, his body language, it really is looking worrying.

When I watch a player of Laurie Wilson’s undoubted enthusiasm for the game, play like he did yesterday, it concerns me.

When I see the two centre-backs looking laboured and making silly errors, but we have no one else to take their place from now until May, it worries me.

When I watch George Țucudean, more interested in looking to win a foul than a ball, even though he has competition on the bench, it makes me question the conviction of how much these players want to wear the shirt.

When I see Jordan Cousins, playing at long last in his favoured position, but still unsure of what that role entails, I query the coaching.

When our best player first half, Gudmundsson, is switched to the other wing 2nd half and becomes insignificant, I call into question the instructions.

I could go on…. and I will.

Igor needs a rest, the blokes injured for gawd’s sake. We started the 2nd half with Laurie Wilson on the left side of midfield and Chris Solly in the centre, mind you he was still our best player, and that shot was something else. Pity it inadvertently led to their winner.

Chris Solly in midfield! Yes, The Championship’s best right back, but who else is there? Ollie Muldoon was only sat on the bench to make up the numbers. Peeters said so in his programme notes.

Bikey up front alongside Simon Church with Igor wide as we sought an equalizer with all the frenzy of a newly born kitten.

Zonal marking, another set-piece, another goalkeeping error. Honestly, I would rather we played Nick Pope or Henderson with one arm.

And the club wonder why the fans are not flocking to see this magnificent brand of football, those brand new shiny seats, empty. Wasn’t yesterday quid for a kid or something? Oh yes, say goodbye to those impressionable youngsters. That reminds me, what has happened to our visionary CEO?

Just two bright sparks, three if you include the indefatigable Solly. Joe Gomez, and the entrance of Tony Watt. Actually there was four. I met Mexico Vic in the pub before the game, heaven knows what he thought of it.

Brighton won’t win an easier three points. It’s not good enough.

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Elsewhere in The Championship: Bournemouth lost at home to 10-man Norwich, complete with their new manager. Derby won at Ipswich to hurdle the Tractor Boys in the table, Brentford beat Rotherham and Watford lost at Huddersfield. More interested in the bottom? Yes me too. Millwall lost at Blackpool, Wigan lost at Birmingham and Leeds drew with Bolton at the Reebok.

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  1. Written 5 hours before Duchatelet sacked Peeters.

    January 12, 2015
  2. steve1957 #

    I listened on Player and they made it sound a different game. I was quite surprised when I read the reports and views of fellow fans after the match which almost to a man stated that we were very poor against fairly poor opposition. It just shows how biased commentators can talk up a performance!

    I won’t get to a game this season but hope to make the first one or two of next and I hope they won’t be in League 1. Obviously the events of the game have now been overshadowed but, CA, as you are a fairly rare visitor changes in players’ attitudes and form can be more evident than if you watch a steady decline week in week out.


    January 12, 2015
  3. Possibly, I think I tend to have quite a good grasp on the varying emotions and wide viewpoints of people I talk to and read to gather my own conclusions.

    I have seen 4 games – Derby (absolutely outstanding against title challengers), Bournemouth (a tepid display, but first defeat against title challengers), Ipswich (a cracking 1st half, nervous 2nd half against title challengers) and Brighton (rubbish against a poor side). It has definitely got worse.

    As for Charlton Live, I love Pete and Terry, but they are so biased, which is all part of it, but it doesn’t help you get a good insight into what is really developing on the field.

    Hope to see you in the Autumn mate.

    January 12, 2015
  4. LP #

    If you had seen the 2nd half against Cardiff you would have been impressed. They can do it when they want to. I was so depressed after the game I didn’t want to hear anything about football so have only just caught up with the other results. Aren’t Huddersfield doing well now? And they beat Watford 3-1. Ho hum. So, one manager constructively dismissed, a perfectly able replacement discarded and replaced by someone short on the basic man management and coaching skills required. But we presume he did as he was told, except didn’t win enough games. Him indoors said the TV highlights were quite positive about us and said we were unlucky – shows how much they know.

    January 12, 2015

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