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Arguments in dressing room

“There were some arguments in the dressing room – it has to happen. The manager has to understand. No one is happy. We have to try and get a solution.” Andre Bikey (more)

Probably comes as no surprise to most, but cracks have started to appear in Bob Peeters armour, and need to be addressed.

Whether Bikey was right to take this to the press I don’t know, but it clearly smells of frustration and exhaustion.

Arguments can be refreshing and are part and parcel of a dressing room, but if they aren’t addressed and straightened out, then it will only end one way.

Bikey is an experienced pro and I wonder if players, foreign or British, prefer playing under a head coach or a manager. Remember Charlton, unlike almost every other club with this system, don’t have a football or technical director that the head coach reports to, which has always struck me as strange.

Morale is so important within sports teams and the way Duchâtelet parachutes players into dressing rooms, and moves players around his network unreservedly, and if heaven forbid overrides people with superior footballing knowledge, has to have some kind of effect on a group of players.

Peeters, who was rumoured late last night to have been replaced by ex-Standard Liege boss Guy Luzon in the Israeli media, knows what he has to do to address the slide. Whether he is allowed to, or has the support of his ultimate boss, we will find out. In the meantime he needs the support of the characters he can control.

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  1. Moaning and whining in the media? Well I guess Bob Peeters set the standard for that. If the players are in this state – or THINK they are – it is down to coaching. They play at most two games a week and that is by no means every week. If there is a fractious dressing room, over and above the odd bust up – it is down to the coaching. They are well remunerated for what they do and lately the Head Coach has been giving them extra days off after sub par performances and lousy results. He should have had them in for extra training. The mindset is all wrong. I thought Bob Peeters was going to do the business but I was wrong.

    January 5, 2015

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