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Charlton Athletic 1 Blackburn Rovers 2

“Even after you’ve made allowances – the injuries, the youth of the squad, the lack of a competent, confident striker – there was no excuse for it. It was a broken team, pretending to play football until the clock ran down, but looking like a blindfolded kabaddi team.” – Stickleback

“In fact, it would have been a much more enjoyable afternoon for supporters of the Addicks if the power cut that knocked out the floodlights had been permanent. Having to witness what followed was both a chore and a worrying sign that an FA Cup exit won’t be the last thing that leaves Charlton supporters in a state of misery before May.” – Chris Powell’s Flat Cap

“Falling behind after only three minutes set the scene with Taylor heading in unmarked at the back post after we were pulled all over the pitch. There simply wasn’t enough Charlton fight to get close to parity and Rovers were first to all the loose balls and played around us for most of the game.” – Drinking During the Game

“Genuinely worried. I see something in that Charlton performance today that goes beyond poor form. Unhappy players and confused kids.” – Hungry Ted

“Real sense of despondency tonight in SE7. Similar themes emerging. Gawd. How depressing.” – Stuart Mair

“Woeful from start to finish. Gonna be a long 2nd half to the season.” – Mart Adkins

And there is plenty more where that came from.

Addick Bloggers at The Valley: Stickleback; Drinking During the Game; Chris Powell’s Flat Cap; Kings Hill Addick; Hungry Ted.

Elsewhere in the FA Cup: Forest lost at Rochdale and Norwich lost at Preston. Derby only beat Southport thanks to an injury time penalty and Birmingham came from 0-2 to win 3-2 at Blyth Spartans. Millwall drew 3-3 at home to Bradford, Ricardo Fuller scoring twice and two for Yann as Bournemouth scored big again winning 5-1 at Rotherham. Reading won at Huddersfield and Middlesbrough won at Barnsley.

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  1. Alan O #

    The lack of investment in a large enough squad is clearly showing. Too many kids and one or two adults like Church that should be better. It feels like the Curbishley 2nd half downhill slide is kicking in. There should have been players lined up already not maybe this week! Fortunately or not don’t get to watch them here in CA but this is not looking good. We are not that far from the bottom!

    January 3, 2015
  2. steve1957 #

    Sounds bloody awful. As Alan O rightly said, Curbs season generally started to go downhill around about the time of the usual third round FA Cup exit, but Bob’s slide started in November.

    I’ve been looking more towards the bottom than the top for some time. We need some investment and if it is forthcoming the manager needs to use the players at his disposal properly, not half the team playing out of position. 2 strikers on the bench yesterday and Bob puts Bikey up front instead! That says it all.

    I liked the way we were playing, from the limited amount I could see on TV at the start of the season it looked good. But injuries, loss of form by individuals and now suspensions have highlighted the lack of depth in the squad and this needs sorting, hopefully not with unproven network players like we saw last year.

    Without this it’ll be a long, difficult second half of the season. May be tough with it but at least it’ll show some faith from the owners and management.

    Bangkok Addick

    January 3, 2015
  3. ken from bexley #

    Yes, a very sober and almost depressing mood came over the fans yesterday, that the reality that the investment in at least 3 players is needed to sustain and kick on what was a very good start to the season. We all know the traditions from CAFC…….. ‘that they come down faster than the Christmas decorations”, trouble is what is the owner going to do?

    How was yesterday’s game going to encourage fans to return.

    A couple of loanees, or players from the network is a very large gamble to me?

    The manager seems to have limited ability, and is being questioned.
    The club is loosing money at £5 million plus a year.
    It did reduce the losses….. on the tv rights from the FA cup run last season…… now that cannot happen.

    Of course if we mention ‘Kermie’ who scored two yesterday, and assisted at least one other people say ‘move on’……. perhaps the second half of the season fan’s might be saying that about RD, if the ‘new blood’ does not arrive in this window.

    Somehow, I do not think that ‘football for a fiver’ is going to be the only answer chairman…….
    I hope for all Addicks that we turn this around ASAP.

    January 4, 2015
  4. Where i live on the south coast, the local BBC TV is constantly reminding me of how many Kerms is banging in for Bournemouth – very depressing..

    January 4, 2015

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