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Cup half full?

You know it is a bit of a myth that we are rubbish in the FA Cup, in fact we are more rubbish in the League Cup.

What am I talking about? Well for a team that spent the majority of the last 21 years in the 2nd tier, we have been to four quarter finals. That’s one every five years.

1993/4 (Old Trafford, things can only get better), 1999/00 (Bolton, bloody Fish & Jensen), 2005/6 (Middlesbrough replay, Operation Riverside) and last season, the Bramall Lane embarrassment.

The galling thing of course is that other than Man United, the other three represented huge opportunities to reach the semi final, and last season the chance to play at the new Wembley for the first ever time. Let’s not go there.

Also in that time there has been two 5th Round appearances too. 1995/96 (Wolves in a replay) and 2004/5 (Leicester City home).

You youngsters should think yourself lucky, I started going to The Valley in 1974 and the Addicks never ever sniffed a quarter final. The first one, 20 years after my first season was that game at Old Trafford! There was a 5th Round tie away a Wolves in 1976 I remember vaguely. We were thrashed of course.

Onto tomorrow then and I’m unsure to what Bob will do. He maybe unsure too, who knows? It’s not like he can rest a load of players. I imagine Igor won’t play, probably Chris Solly as well.

To be fair in the Carling Cup games Peeters put out a couple of strong sides. Potentially Pigott, or Church or Karlene Grant might start Saturday, but hopefully he resists re-tooling the formula and positions again.

The transfer window doesn’t start until Saturday, but the FA Cup deadline for clubs to register new players is midday on Friday, meaning any new signings will be ineligible for Blackburn, so Tony Watt will have to watch from the stands again.

Ignoring the fact it is a Cup game, we need a win, and a big shot of confidence and beating Blackburn would provide that.

I don’t expect much of a crowd, but those that go deserve to see a hearty and brave display to give all Addicks a shot in the arm.

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  1. ken from bexley #

    I normally love the cup, but this year I just cannot see this being either a realistic ambition or a financial recoup. More importantly I cannot see this as a game that will turn things around for the team, and dilute a dwindling moral, that normally would have given the team a respite from there current league woes. Having been beaten by this lot only a couple of games ago, they will see this as easy a game they will get in this division. It is not as if we can surprise them with some talent from the bench is it?. But it is the cup, and well you play teams that are above your standards, and below.
    Financially, as revealed in the recent accounts, the cup run of last year, was the reduced difference beetween the previous year. Of course RD and the team may surprise us all.
    I hope so, be good to get a top team down at the Valley, just as a one off. Injuries aside, what would be the downside?. We can only dream……..

    January 2, 2015
  2. Pat #

    I hate contradicting you Chicago because I’m probably wrong – but didn’t he play a strong side for the first league cup game and then didn’t bother for the next one? I have a vague memory of being really pleased initially but then disappointed???

    January 3, 2015
    • Colchester: Henderson: Gomez, Fox, Morrison, Bikey; Cousins, Wilson, Buyens (Berg Gudmundsson – 64′ ), Harriot; 29 Tucudean, (Church – 72′ )

      Derby: Pope; Gomez, Fox, Morrison, Bikey; Wilson, Cousins, Harriott Jackson (Buyens – 65′ ); Moussa (Berg Gudmundsson – 79′ ), Tucudean (Vetokele – 65′ )

      Almost identical Pat except keeper, and I think he was injured.

      January 3, 2015

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