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Blackburn Rovers 2 Charlton Athletic 0

“You can talk about it as much as you want, but we need to do it with the players we have at the moment. We need to patch them up and go to the next game.”

And we are talking about it Bob, and I think the majority of us understand how difficult it is to operate within such austere parameters, but it’s now starting to reflect badly on you.

We understand and accept, and perversely enjoy that you are new to the English game, and still learning your art, but the honeymoon period looks to have come to an end, and what we’d like to see now is strong leadership, managing down and encouraging and breathing confidence into players, but importantly managing upwards, explaining and demanding what you need to take your team forward.

Losses happen, especially in the ridiculously callous Championship, away at tough places like Ewood Park the week before Christmas, but you have to be resilient and adaptable in this league. There are too many good managers, better than you, and too many better players, better than ours, but the sum of all of the parts with spirit, determination and a plan can exceed all of that.

An encouraging mid-table finish can be a success, it will to me, but January is a pivotal month. Don’t go for half measures Bob, we deserve better, and so do you.

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Around The Championship: Bournemouth showed at Blackpool what a little attacking ambition can achieve and they stay top. Ipswich go 2nd after beating Middlesbrough at home 2-0, Brentford won impressively away at Cardiff and Watford won at Steve Clarke’s Reading. Derby and Norwich shared the points, Darren Bent scored for Brighton who were pegged back by Wolves and Huddersfield lost at home to Birmingham.

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  1. steve1957 #

    Peeters seems to have got it wrong over the past couple of games. I looked at the lineup last week and was not impressed. Blackpool at home and you start with five defenders and one striker. I was very surprised to see it unchanged this week as well. I know Blackburn away is a different prospect where a more defensive outlook is required but not square pegs in round holes again.

    The squad is thin and a few injuries and the departure of Coquelin have taken their toll and it really shows. But that happens to other teams and managers as well and they have to adjust accordingly. The experiment with Harriott upfront worked for one game. Solly in midfield means losing a consistent defender. Unfortunately Pope doesn’t seem to inspire confidence among the central defenders. It can’t be a coincidence that they have their poorest games when Henderson is out. No blame on the youngsters, by the way. They have been put into this position out of necessity, they aren’t generally ready for a long run in the team and I hope the substitution of Fox doesn’t have a detrimental effect on him.

    Curbs always went “Back to Basics” after a poor run. I’m not necessarily sure this counts as a poor run as the number of defeats is still low, but one win in nine is not good enough. Time for a rethink from our manager.

    Marry Christmas to you and your family in sunny Bermuda from me and my family in sunny Phuket.


    December 20, 2014
  2. Likewise Steve. Merry Chistmas.

    December 20, 2014

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