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Charlton Athletic 2 Blackpool 2

Our ability to finish teams off this season has been abysmal and although punctuated by some good results and the occasional bout of very good football, Bob Peeters’ team has now only won two games since September, which is frankly not good enough.

Early in the season Peeters set the team up quite expansively to a point where many of commented on how much more dangerous we were going forward, but he has become increasingly more and more scared of his own shadow.

Whether that is due to teams finding us out, Vetokele not being fully fit, a general shortage of players, or a combination of each I don’t know, but watching us has become very frustrating and results are being underscored by poor defending, slow starts and an anxiousness to go for it, especially when we are on top.

I don’t know what the record is for draws, but that is 12 for the season. Incredibly if we had hung on or Bikey had scored when it sounded as if is was impossible not to do so, then we would have been sat 8th tonight.

The Championship continues to throw up the peculiar, but I, a little more than before, continue to look down before I look up, and unless Roland Duchâtelet allows Peeters to improve the squad in January, I will be scrutinising that bottom three even more closely in the new year.

Before then we still have 9 points to play for in December, and to earn any of those we need to improve, and improve quickly.

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Around the League: Middlesbrough beat Derby to knock them off the top, and the Rams are replaced by Bournemouth who in a thrilling encounter beat Cardiff 5-3. Norwich also hit 5, all in the 2nd half, against Huddersfield but the day’s top scorers were Birmingham who thrashed Reading 6-1 at St Andrews. Brentford beat Blackburn 3-1, Fulham won at Leeds and Watford beat Wigan in a more erratic than normal day of results.

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  1. Peter #

    I think the loss of Coquelin on the eve of the match was a major blow. Chris Solly (as always) put in a very hard-working performance, out of position, in midfield but there was too much hesitation going forward when a couple of passes backwards and sideways allowed the Blackpool defence to get back into position on many occasions.

    We were not helped by an erratic and inconsistent referee but it also has to be said that the defending of set pieces for both Blackpool goals left a lot to be desired, and Nick Pope (apart from a couple of smart early saves) will not look back on his performance with any great feeling of satisfaction.

    As for Bikey’s miss at the death – it may well haunt his nightmares for weeks…

    December 13, 2014
  2. ken from bexley #

    I agree about the loss of Coquelin, but that shows the disadvantage of reliance of loanees, if this type of player was so essential why not play the loanee goal keeper.?. Pope will be a decent keeper in a year or two, and shows promise, his two non clearances cost two goals. If you come out you have to clear the area for the first, if you cannot catch it, the second just clattered the goal scorer, and made no contact with the ball whatsoever, but the lad is learning his trade, inexperienced players at this level will hopefully learn.
    I have long been a supporter of bringing on the youth , and so will not criticise Bob for that,

    Fox is rather raw, and playing Solly out of position, despite his efforts seemed a bit unbalanced to me. Gomez I though was excellent, and was the best player for us at least first half. So I think you have to accept the ‘concept’ of playing young players as uncertain, and inconsistent.
    Personally I would get Holmes back, from on loan. It is stating the obvious we need a striker, but I think we need at least two players in the January transfer market.

    Quite what Wilson and Piggott have to do to get a game in that format of yesterday I do not know?. Sorry not convinced about Harriott in that position, but I am even less convinced about George. I would be concerned if I was the manager this morning, and would be asking for a clear undertaking of funds and personnel from our owner. After all he is the one with the authority to do this?. Hopefully we will get the players in to support the team, and our manager.

    December 14, 2014
  3. All really good points.

    Coquelin, who when I saw him in the flesh, I thought was brilliant. Yet, he started 3 games (2 draws and a defeat), and to say we missed him is slightly ridiculous, although he certainly added to the way we played. I would say we missed Jackson more. But it does underline the troubles with loan signings – good and bad.

    Re the youth, I thought about writing a post on how good our youngsters really are, but am undecided, because I too am a big supporter of involving them, but they are going to make mistakes during games, and goalkeepers are more under the spotlight. Gomez for me is head and shoulders above what we have seen for a long time. Holmes-Dennis may be more Gomez than Fox. I haven’t seen him play.

    I agree if I was Bob I would be making sure that I am all over my boss.

    December 14, 2014
  4. Pat #

    How lovely to hear the return of the boo boys – just when I thought they had all buggered off.

    December 14, 2014

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