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Charlton Athletic 0 Millwall 0

A draw always seems like a victory when we play Millwall, although there was that one dreadful night in 1989, so I will take a point which sounded about the right outcome.

You can feel quite detached before games living overseas but not on days like today when I had already received texts from friends and family even before I got up as Addicks travelled to The Valley hoping this, this might just be the day.

It wasn’t but Millwall fans would have been happier with the result especially as George should’ve won it for us at the end. Looking at it, it seems as if he was trying to go around Forde, even with two defenders on his back. Should’ve lifted it over him. Not a finish of a natural goalscorer that is for sure.

On Twitter someone said that if George, who became a Dad earlier in the day, had scored he would have been the most famous Romanian since Nadia Comăneci! Addicks certainly would have coveted him like John Hendry and Kim Grant!

Those there were full of praise for Francis Coquelin. His loan expires after next weekend and I think we’d all like to see him hang around for a while. Praise too for Nick Pope, who came in last minute and did a sterling job in a tough game.

I’d have liked Bob to play someone up top with Igor, especially at home. Bob said when he first arrived that he likes to play with two strikers, but he hardly has.

Nonetheless a point is a point, especially against ‘that lot.’

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Around the League: Derby had a big win away at Watford, and are clear at the top, whilst Bournemouth and Ipswich drew as did Middlesbrough at Wigan where Malky Mackay apparently got a mixed reception. Jordan Rhodes scored twice as Blackburn beat Leeds, Norwich and Brighton played out a thrilling 3-3 and Forest won at faltering Wolves 3-0.

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  1. Daggs #

    A lot of folk have said it was drab, i don’t really agree. Playing Millwall can never be drab. I genuinely thought we were the better side and perhaps should have won it, but a draw wasn’t so bad.
    I said after the first couple of games, we lack a foil for Vetokele. My opinion hasn’t changed. We need a big strong guy up front, to play back to goal, win the ball in the air and knock things in for Vetokele to finish. If we can get such a player, we can start turning draws into wins.

    November 23, 2014
    • They are very similar to the thoughts to those of my brother Daggs who I spoke to whilst at a ‘lively’ Charlton station.

      As for a partner for Igor, we had one and stubborn old Roly gave him away. Those sort of players don’t come along too often.

      November 23, 2014
  2. ken #

    agreed Dags, , and was wondering why he played only one up front!…..with Yoni off, and an ever flagging Jackson, the idea of Harriott, being a game changer, did not work did it? Putting “George’ up front for a few minutes, in a last throw of the dice gamble…… showed that player is not able to be an impact sub. Not sure why he would think that his wife having a baby would be a reason not to have put him on after 70 minutes, that rather drab period when a pretty poor Millwall side got more and more brave, you just dreaded the goal coming. Pity, the team had a good start to the season, but we are missing a couple of key players, and Millwall saw the threat in Igor, as they had at times three players around him, and how many headers is he going to win, and who would he head it on to? Come on Bob, need to do better than that, wishful thinking that Cousins and co are going to bag you goals may be a bit optimistic to say the least!

    November 23, 2014

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