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Queen Elsa, Roman Abramovich and Mike Tindall

What do they all have in common?

Driving into Hamilton today I at first thought that a huge block of snazzy flats had been built in the harbour, but on closer scrutiny it was in fact the return of Roman Abramovich’s 533ft long super-yacht ‘Eclipse.’

It was here last year, which I did a little bit of research for, but since then the Russian billionaire has lost his title of owning the world’s largest superyacht to Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s whose newly constructed Azzam, which is 57 feet longer! Boys and their toys, although both yachts are available to charter, which is more tax efficient apparently, the Eclipse to hire for a week? $2 million. A snitch.

Of course Roman is probably here for the Bermuda Rugby Classic, the best week on the island in my mind, although it traditionally brings with it, the worst weather. The event is known as the ‘Silver Classic,’ and over the years has become the unofficial veterans rugby World Cup and if ever you are planning a trip to Bermuda and want a fun and exhaustive week, then this is it.

Yesterday in the first round of games at the National Stadium the Classic Lions thumped USA 56-6 and South Africa beat the Italians 21-7. Tonight the fancied Argies take on Canada and France play the All Blacks. Mike Tindall, Reuben Thorne and Iain Balshaw are here as are many other stars and I will be in the crowd on Wednesday and Thursday.

Yesterday’s weather gave the rugby boys their accustomed welcome to Bermuda as it lashed it down for most of it, although it didn’t manage to ruin my daughter’s birthday party, albeit Queen Elsa did show up a little soaked on her scooter!

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