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We have been in Walt Disney World, Orlando since Sunday, an idea conceived behind my back when I was travelling with work recently.

I thought we were going for a few days of school half-term to New Orleans. Think jazz, beignets and hangovers, but my two girls decided that we finally dispel any notions that I expel that Disney doesn’t exist and come and visit Mickey & Minnie. Think Elsa, hot dogs and aching legs!

Actually, although my legs do ache like hell, I am begrudgingly quite enjoying it. Helped by the fact we are staying here, which although within the Walt Disney Resort, doesn’t cow tail to Micky and his overpowering marketing, we are having a whale of a time.

I last came to Disney in Orlando 24 years ago with two mates, one of whom was living and working here at the time, and absolutely loved it and decided then that Disney parks are not for kids at all but for adults.

However I have been turned. Seeing my little girl’s face light up at some of things we have done these last two days has sent me to bed with a very big smile, and makes me appreciate how lucky we are to share some of these memories.

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  1. Daggs #

    As a family we went to Florida’s Walt Disney World when my two sons were around seven and ten years old.
    I/we had the most fabulous ‘holiday’ ever. The whole experience was magical, We also spent the whole day in the holiday parks, sometimes switching from one to another. The only time we got any sort of rest was when we switched to ‘Blizzard beach’ The kids would be in and out the water while the wife and I sat on the beach, before getting dragged into the ‘waves’ by the boys.
    By the end of the day we were so worn out, we all collapsed into bed.
    The next day i woke the kids up at around 06.30 (something i could never do at home) and off we went again.
    Three years later when my eldest son reached 16 in the January. It became clear the idea of holidaying with mum and dad was loosing it’s appeal.
    I asked him ‘if you come with us once more, where would you want to go’ It took around a nanosecond for him to say ‘Disney in Florida’
    So off we went again. The experience was just as good as before with the added bonus that now the boys were 16 and 13, they pretty well looked after themselves, which allowed Mum and Dad a more leisurely break this time.
    We did two weeks in Disney and finished with a week on the West coast of Florida in St Petersburg, just relaxing by the pool……………………………………………
    Without any shadow of doubt, these two holidays were the best in my lifetime, let alone the kids’ They cost a fortune, but were worth every penny.
    I had hoped to do it all again one day, with Grandchildren !! No sign of them yet and time is marching on.

    October 30, 2014

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