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Hurricane Gonzalo update

We landed at a reasonably warm Gatwick Airport this morning, and have just said goodbye to my girls who are heading into London’s west end, whilst I shower and get myself ready for the drive to Royston in Hertfordshire for my mate’s wedding this afternoon.

I felt a mixture of relief and chicken when I boarded the BA flight last night and our thoughts are with friends and colleagues who remain on the island. It will be difficult to think of much else

The latest on Hurricane Gonzalo is that it is moving a little slower and is still a category 4 with sustained winds of 145 mph. When Bermudian’s wake this morning they will already be feeling Tropical Storm winds but the eye of the storm is expected to pass directly over the island at 8pm local time tonight (midnight in the UK).

HMS Argyll is planning to sit just outside of the hurricane’s radius to provide emergency assistance. Bermuda can also rely on help from workers brought in from electrical companies in the Caribbean.

Gonzalo will end it’s journey in the UK, but by that time cooler waters will just present heavy rain and strong winds.

The photograph is the view of Gonzalo from the International Space Station.

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