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Whilst I was swashbuckling my way around South Beach last night, Bermuda was getting walloped with a Tropical Storm.

As my wind-swept over half will tell you I have a mystifying habit for being off island when big storms take a swipe at the island and last night TS Fay took a direct hit to Bermuda with winds gusting to 120 mph and people waking this morning to a lot of damage.

Our house was fine, although the alarm rang for the whole night, although a couple of guys I am with in Miami lost windows.

27,000 homes are without power, which when you consider the island’s population as only 65,000, is the vast majority of it. The airport suffered extensive roof damage and flooding, as did schools and some of the island’s hotels.

My other half reported that many house lost their roofs and the roads were covered in debris. I saw some pictures of Port Royal Golf Club looking a real mess, but apparently the PGA Grand Slam will go ahead tomorrow as planned.

The airport was shut, and we are due back tomorrow evening. The storm has now passed and I’m really hoping we can get home as I have more plane stories from this week than I care to remember.

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