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That Charlton spirit

If you watch the players, I think there were five in total, in the immediate vicinity of Igor Vetokele when he smacked our second goal home on Saturday, you would like me have taken great enjoyment watching how every player celebrated the goal. In fact Kyle wrote here that Simon Church almost burst a blood vessel, so wrapped up in the moment he was.

Interesting then the loan signing of Frédéric Bulot from Standard Liege. It is said from the outset he was against the switch. However with his Standard opportunities diminishing he was later convinced of making the move. The photo of him sat in front of a burger and fries was also an unusual way to make an introduction!

What I hope we don’t get is a bad egg or a player forced into the move because the owner told him he will play. I read one Belgian journalist say that Buyens had encouraged Bulot’s move, I hope that is true because from what I have seen and heard, Yoni, even though he is on a year’s loan, has really taken to the club.

The Charlton spirit has taken on many forms over many generations, and like when Powell built a new squad in 2011, he led by example and signed only players that he was pretty sure would work well together professionally and personally. Curbs was a true advocate of this strategy.

Bob I am pretty sure lives by the same principals and his passion has to have a positive effect. I know also from talking to him that Johnnie Jackson takes it upon himself to drum home to every new player what it really means to play for the club. Hence it was obvious that all of January’s signings except Ajdarević appeared to survive outside of the main group under Powell and particularly Riga.

Big Bob’s issues are that he is not necessarily making these signings, but I do hope that he is issuing instructions to network scouts of the type of personality that he requires. He also has a collection of nationalities, although he language skills are impressive. He’s a big lad too!

All this is why that little moment caught on camera when Igor scored at The Amex on Saturday was vitally important to me. I’m not saying Bulot is a bad egg and I don’t need to witness him bursting a blood vessel, just a lung will do!!

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  1. Martin Cowan #

    CA, I don’t know if you watched the Q and A video with Richard Murray and Katrien Meire, but they explained a little about the scouting process (still Phil Chapple doing the scouting) and seemed to be pretty clear that ultimately Bob has final say as to whether a new player comes in. The owner only gets involved if big money is required, and that would be after “Big” Bob has said he wants the guy. That’s what they said in any case, and certainly it’s hard to argue with what has been seen from the new boys so far.

    September 1, 2014

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