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Brighton & Hove Albion 2 Charlton Athletic 2

I wrote yesterday that in Igor we had a player that could bag a half chance on the road, well he did it twice today on the south-coast. The first out of nothing, early in the game to set the pattern for the remainder of the match. The second when, looking like he was out on his feet, he showed great natural instinct to fire home.

Unfortunately both of Igor’s goals were cancelled out, the last one in the final minute of injury time to leave Addicks ruefully foregoing three points, but in the cold light of day accepting a more pragmatic one.

On the face of it, it was a great point against another good side, one that I started to have doubts about, but that have made some strong signings under the spectre of FFP.

Meanwhile Bob still needs a system that can work away from home. Hanging on and relying on the good old fashioned ‘Charlton spirit’ is great, but we will need more than Igor’s eye for goal.

Yet all three points won away from home have been deserved one way or another, but with due respect, there are more Brighton’s than Brentford’s and Huddersfield’s to come in this league.

My Brighton mate at the game was very complimentary commenting that we were a much better organized team than last season and showed promise going forward contributing to a more than decent game. Good to hear.

Interestingly in four away games a goal has come late in each one of them, and only once in our favour. Another facet to Bob’s team perhaps we need to get used too, even though I could do without the dreaded expectancy.

Overall though with five league games gone, and now at the International break, we sit unbeaten in 6th place. It’s a promising start with a seriously long way to go. However out here in Mexico my beer tasted good tonight, acknowledging a good start, but I didn’t get carried away.

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Around the League: Forest won at Wednesday to top The Championship at the International break and Watford beat Huddersfield 4-2 to sit 2nd. Wolves beat Blackburn, Millwall beat Blackpool 2-1 and Norwich and Bournemouth ended 1-1. Fulham got their first point of the season at home to Cardiff, Leeds beat Bolton and Wigan thrashed Birmingham 4-0 and had a certain Andy Delort paraded before the bumper crowd of 11,000 before the match.

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  1. richard #

    Sitting in the Brighton end I had the opportunity of watching us defend for much of the second half. What I noticed was how well organised we were, particularly in open play. The seagulls could find no way through and despite their dominance they rarely seriously threatened. The two banks of four were very visible and I was very confident of the three points as the 4th official held up the 4 mins to go sign. However, the two goals both came from corners, and that has to be something of a worry. Poor marking – simple as that, and perhaps easily rectified…?

    A day later, I can see that it was point gained, but oh what might have been…

    August 31, 2014
  2. Bob Miller #

    The repeated comments above that the side is better organized would seem to me to come from the fact that better quality brings better organization, as the individuals now out there on the pitch are more capable of executing and doing their jobs. We just didn’t have the horses last year. A bit more selective upgrading and this side should enjoy a number of successes this year.

    August 31, 2014
  3. Disappointing that both goals were conceded from corners, but I am sure this would not have got past Bob. I like him, early days, but he appears to have both a plan, an appreciation of what it means to be at the club and passion.

    August 31, 2014
  4. John #

    Where are u in Mex CA? I live in SE7, 5 mins from the Valley but am lucky enough to be holidaying in San Miguel D’Allende, nr Queretaro. Normally I’m in my seat in the Upper NW. Makes you wonder how many other Addicks there are in Mexico ?

    August 31, 2014
    • John – we are on the Pacific Coast at Punta Mita, 45 mins north of Puerto Vallarta. We were in Mexico City before.

      Mexico Vic is the most famed Addick I think in the country. He is in Mexico City. I am sure there are others.

      How do you like San Miguel D’Allende?

      August 31, 2014

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