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Gone fishing

I’m flying back to Gatwick tonight with my son, who has been with us for two weeks.

We had our final swim a little bit earlier and I’m feeling nicely sleepy for the flight. My son, as tired as he is, will watch movies from the minute we take off until the moment we land.

I am only back for two nights and have a bit of running around to do. I will base myself at my parents down on the South Downs, but will be in the City Monday night to meet up with some mates for drinks and then Tuesday we will be at The Valley.

My son is an old hand at Bermuda now and has done almost everything it has offer, for kids anyway. The weather wasn’t kind this time round though, and I think we only had one day when it didn’t rain, and a couple of days when it rained the entire day.

The one activity he hadn’t done before was ocean fishing. We had it booked for last Tuesday but it rained like billyo. Fortunately we managed to re-arrange it for Friday and we had a whole lot of fun.

In saying that, there was that half an hour when he was as white as a sheet, praying to god, and doing his utmost not to puke. Like a trooper though he got through it and his memories are not of that but of pulling around 15 beautifully coloured fish out of the aegean coloured water.

Most went back in, but between us we caught around eight that were filleted by the Captain’s mate and they grilled beautifully on the barbecue and were mouthwateringly delicious.

I didn’t submit him to deep sea fishing. That would have definitely called for some throwing up but we went with this great Captain and his son out to just beyond the reef, around 3 miles from the shore although we did move back in a little bit to find calmer waters after the near sea-sickness incident.

There were six of us on the boat and we caught red snapper, red hind, trigger fish, chub, coney grouper, blue head wrasse (photo), sergeant major and an incredible looking squirrel fish that we threw back.

I am not a big fisherman, but this was a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again.

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  1. Oh boy…missing some Bermuda!

    August 18, 2014

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