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Charlton Athletic 2 Wigan Athletic 1

“I started running and celebrating. I didn’t know where to go. He [Rosler] said, ‘Don’t come and celebrate in my corner’, but I’m not going to mention the other words he said to me.”

Now, I adored Chris’ deep felt love of the club, I appreciated José’s calm demeanour and occasional fist pump, but come on what is not to like about a man so wrapped up in the moment that he forgot he was actually working and not sat amongst the fans.

Peeters will be interesting to watch this season and I personally hope he doesn’t temper his sideline enthusiasm. This is what he has brought, and it is infectious. Big Bob, keep up the good work.

I have Wigan down to win the league, so I’ll mark this as an unexpected and fantastic 3 points and with the disappointment of the defeat up there last season still fresh in the memory, a last minute deflected goal is very sweet.

A deflected goal it may have been but it was great to hear that we really went looking for the 3 points in the final stages. When Vetokele failed with his one-on-one I thought that was it, the players didn’t though and Franck Moussa made his own luck. I’m looking forward to seeing Jordan Cousins’ goal too, one to really get The Valley rocking I suspect.

Peeters also demands a passing game making the ball work for us and forcing the opposition into exerting more energy. It is a simple technique, but very hard to pull off. A joy to watch if done well.

I heard that Ben Haim and Bikey dominated and Buyens presided over the area in front of them. Our traditional and well loved spine of Jackson and Morrison may find it hard to play regularly in this team, but both will still be important to Big Bob.

Also pleased for Nick Pope, but I hope that Henderson’s injury is not serious.

A very enjoyable win, and I can’t wait to be at The Valley on Tuesday.

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Around the League: Bournemouth are the early front runners after beating Brentford 1-0. Millwall join them after winning at Fulham, Cardiff beat bottom Huddersfield 3-1 and Brighton lost again, at Birmingham. Blackburn won the Lancashire derby at Blackpool and Rotherham came out winners of the promoted clubs beating Wolves.

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