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“I’ve never worked abroad so it will be interesting to see if the way we want to play fits into the Championship. Fans, players, everyone will be a little bit nervous because it is the first game of the season. Some of our signings have come from abroad and they do not know what to expect. It will be an eye-opener for some players but, hopefully, they will be ready for it.” – Bob Peeters (more)

That heady cocktail of apprehension and excitement. Being a football fan on the eve of another new season.

Personally I feel more apprehensive than excited about the new season, maybe I always do, but tomorrow just seems to have crept up a little bit too quickly and I’m less confident than some of the new era.

In the same breath I’m bloody jealous of all those Addicks going tomorrow. Nothing wipes away pre-season anxieties than a couple of pints and to watch the team walk out onto the pitch for oneself.

Peeters and the players need our support and they will get mine, and I will see the new generation a week on Tuesday.

Nothing else describes The Championship as a marathon and not a sprint and we need to be careful not to jump to too many conclusions, either way after tomorrow. I will listening out more for attitude and style rather than the result even though an early 3 points would not do us any harm.

I’ll also be listening out for some good noise from those Addicks that will be at Griffin Park, enjoy the sunshine and the game.

Come on you Addicks!

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