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Network dynamics

The club have announced that Reza has moved on a season-long loan to Al Kuwait, one of the Arab state’s biggest clubs.

That makes good business sense for RD because he keeps the asset as part of the network, but moves an unhappy punter of his payroll. Reza has clearly been unsettled for a while ever since his move to Standard two years ago.

Not unpredictably the Iranian has exploited his success in the World Cup, and I understand Reza wanted a permanent move but Duchâtelet vetoed it. I think it is disappointing that he didn’t want to prove himself in a better league, a little bit easy street if you ask me, with a tax-free lifestyle thrown in for good measure.

I am with Bob Peeters on Reza’s departure but my son, who arrived in Bermuda last night, is gutted as he bought into the whole #GoodLuckReza World Cup stuff that the club rolled out but apart from a goal at Leeds he moves on no better than Karim Bagheri in my mind.

The club also confirmed Polish Pete’s loan to STVV, he scored twice on his weekend debut, and has been in Belgium for weeks, but club waited until international clearance was given to publicize it.

That leaves Loic Nego as the sole survivor of the network signings made in January still at the club. I wonder if he will see out his 5-year contract?

Parzyszek and Ghoochannejhad’s stories are ones we will get used to Duchâtelet acts quickly to move his assets around the network better suiting either the player or a club, all the time attempting to avoid a depreciating liability.

Katrien Meire, impressive again, said on Sunday that they will move quickly to sign young talent spotted by network scouts as Reza was and Piotr was meant to be. Duchâtelet has a clear record of this, and Vetokele and Gudmundsson are the latest examples.

The trick for Charlton is to be at the driving force of that strategy, making sure that we get the pick of the players, can move on those not up to scratch and we don’t get dragged down with other club’s cast off’s.

Peeters was coy about replacing Reza, although the vacant no.8 and no.9 shirts for me need filling and Meire appears to be working hard to conclude a couple of deals before the season begins. They will only happen if they work for Roland’s model.

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  1. The question that remains largely un-answered is just exactly what is RD’s model and is it inherently in the best interests of CAFC . Is the model a clearly definable entity with a well thought through strategy and philosophy and even if it is how practical will it prove in reality for players whose driving force is largely self-centred (no criticism intended). Players will perhaps ‘buy’ into the network idea if it is sold attractively to them but their loyalty will always be fragile if the concept fails their expectations (witness Thuram’s refusal to travel to Leeds). On the other hand Reza like Thuram was probably encouraged to join Charlton on the promise of game-time and improved match-fitness for the World Cup. The move from Standard where he wasn’t wanted has worked well for Reza (many would say better than it has so far for Charlton) and his exposure on a world stage has led to a presumably lucrative loan move.
    It would be good to know just how CAFC is being ‘sold’ to prospective signings. Are they lured solely by the prospect of plying their trade for Charlton Athletic or as in Thuram and Reza’s cases the opportunistic and possibly short-term benefits of joining and moving within a network scenario?
    On the evidence so far I remain unconvinced that the model has functioned in Charlton’s best interests and will continue to be sceptical until I see categorically that the Network model doesn’t have at its heart a fundamental and insurmountable conflict of interest.

    August 7, 2014
  2. Martin Cowan #

    The network will be functioning to RD’s best interests as it is his money that is being spent. As was said at the fun day Q and A, the biggest prize for RD is a team in the premier league, and I would have thought that places Charlton in the best position of all of RD’s teams. With regard to Reza, great (winning) goal at Leeds, and there was some novelty in seeing a CAFC player at the World Cup, but really he’s too lightweight, and just not good enough.

    August 7, 2014
    • I didn’t see Reza play for Charlton but what you say about him seems to reflect closely what many supporters feel about his suitability for the Championship. That said, if CA is correct RD didn’t want Reza to go permanently and Peeters seemed to think that he had the ability to contribute but they were perhaps trying to massage his value in the hope of selling him. My point really was that he (Reza) has done very nicely out of his time at Charlton ( arriving via the network ) for very little benefit to the club and clearly was looking to be off at the first opportunity. Good luck to him, I don’t blame him at all but his commitment was never to CAFC. I have always thought that one of Charlton’s strengths, particularly under Curbishley, was the focus on signing the right type of player for the club in terms of their character and commitment as much as their football ability. This feature was in my view one of the foundation stones of Charlton’s success. Set against that context the signings of Thuram and Reza remain a bad reflection on the network model as experienced to date by CAFC.Maybe lessons have been learnt and I’m certainly not pre-judging the new signings either in terms of their ability or commitment that is very much a wait and see scenario.

      August 7, 2014

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