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When Saturday comes

Almost there then, on Saturday afternoon 1,600 Addicks will be at Griffin Park, presumably a fair few after a pint in one, if not all of the pubs on the corners of the ground. A new era begins with a strange mix of optimism and foreboding being felt amongst Addicks in every corner of the world.

Addicks are still very torn on the direction of the football club, and there was fair amount of complaints about the family fun day on Sunday, which sadly true to form sounded like an PR cock up.

There are, however, many developments to be pleased about and not a lot we can do, or the owner wants us involved in, in some of the affairs we are not.

A big influx of signings always brings some pre-season excitement, even though transfer targets this summer have had fans searching through Google and You Tube to cast early opinions about the players signed by Peeters and Duchâtelet.

Unlike in Chris Powell’s summer overhaul when the majority of players were known to the division, Peeters has signed only two players that have played in The Championship for any real length of time, Bikey and Ben-Haim.

The biggest unknown probably lies with the new manager, the man who we have to trust, and will wholeheartedly support, to bring it all together. I have been encouraged by Peeters’ words so far, but I await his actions with obvious interest.

All will soon be revealed of course although a qualified judgement really can’t be made until the end of August when we’d have played 6 games, and even that is realistically too premature.

As I was correctly cautioned by my brother the other day, it is difficult to say whether our start is hard or not, there are no easy games and The Championship is such a lottery that only after 46 games will we know which were the trickier opponents.

Charlton finished off their bitty pre-season with a win at Fratton Park, with the obvious highlight being that both new strikers scored impressive goals. Peeters team for Saturday looks like it is coming together, but there is a lot of internet chatter about his squad being added to before the kick off.

One player is Andy Delort, who fans from Charlton, Leeds and others are fawning over.

Delort scored 24 goals in 36 games for Tours in the French Ligue 2 last season. Prior to that his record is unimpressive. I don’t ever remember Charlton fans getting this worked up about the signing of a player they have never heard off before. Not even Kelly Youga or Therry Racon!

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