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The best World Cup ever?

Has this been the best World Cup ever? Although I have a childhood fondness for 1974 and 1978, in my lifetime it is Spain ’82 that I hold up there as my favourite World Cup.

The curtain will be drawn on Brazil 2014 on Sunday and after the sumptuous openness of the Group Stages and late drama in many of the 2nd Round matches, the Quarter’s became a lot more cagey and defensive.

If it is to be the best ever World Cup then I think we need one big game out of the three that are left. One to have us drooling in front of the telly and one that will stick in the memory forever.

Both the Semi-Final’s are hard to decipher, mostly because we haven’t seen any invincibles yet. Normally, I would suggest, by now we have an out and out favourite, but every side has looked fallible to some degree, even the Germans. No one team has been held up as the team to beat.

Neymar is a huge loss to the hosts, but the pressure they have played under may suddenly have waned. A final four place was Scolari’s minimum requirement and after beating Colombia, A Seleção will at least now entertain the nation until the final weekend. If anyone can undo the German machine, then it has to be the country that is the spiritual home of world football.

The other semi-final transports me right back to 1978 and a 11-year old kid enthralled by the ticker tape skies and the foreaign artistries on the field.

Argentina would love to win the title on Brazilian soil, but they will come up against a master tactician in Louis Van Gaal. Knowing that he is leaving after Oranje go out, Van Gaal has excelled in turning his mixed squad of talents into gold, and in Robben they do have a player that can outdo the master that is Messi.

I am going for a all South American Final, but both games will be tight, although I hope not suffocating. One final big memorable match and this 2014 World Cup deserve it’s acclaim as the best ever will be eulogized for a long time.

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  1. steve1957 #

    A Charlton player scoring? Must be the best ever!


    July 8, 2014
  2. Geoff #

    78 – was that Arie Haan, Johnny Rep and Archie Gemmill? V good, but stained by the Argentine “fix” to beat Peru by sufficient goals. 82 I saw only in parts because of living in a TV-less country (Tanzania), but some controversy over Italy kicking the **** out of Brazil? And Schumacher’s assault on Battiston. Seeking perfection, old gits like me still go for 1970 when the World genuinely rejoiced with Brazil, the genius of Pele et al, THAT 4th goal and Banks’s save in Leon, and much as it hurts, the recovery of the Germans to do us 3-2 from 2 down.

    2014 has come close despite the often useless refereeing, eg how did Neymar stay on in the first game? Last night partially erased the memory of some boring quarters and if we get Messi v Neuer on Sunday it might just get up there.


    July 9, 2014
    • Geoff, I was too young to remember ’70, but as an innocent kid I loved ’74 and ’78 without understanding the dirty tricks played.

      July 9, 2014

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