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Gomez under contract

I watched bits of Charlton’s pre-season games in St-Truiden this past weekend on the Addicks You Tube service, which was very good by the way.

I am sure those that travelled had a fun time despite the driving rain during yesterday’s game and Stayen looked a neat little stadium. Nonetheless pre-season games are simply that, an opportunity for fitness, preparation and team building. Training games that you can pay to watch.

This was underlined by Standard even wearing their training bibs in Saturday’s 45-minute kick about. Friendlies play with your expectations, be careful, but no one has ever been promoted or relegated after a pre-season friendly and one week of training.

Trialists André Bikey and Tomasz Cywka (pronounced Sivka) both joined the Addicks in Belgium with Bikey looking the most likely to sign permanently.

29-year old Bikey can play right back or centre-half and has played at Reading, Burnley and Middlesbrough. The Cameroonian spent last season in the Greek Super League with Panetolikos. A bit of a journeyman, Bikey has played in 5 countries for 12 clubs.

Pole Cywka is an attacking midfielder who turned down a new contract offer at Barnsley and is 26. He scored at The Valley at one of the ‘fiver’ games two season’s ago.

Every player got a run out in Belgium except for Chris Solly, who wasn’t risked on the 3g artificial surface. One player really stood out though and that was Joe Gomez. He was both big and mobile and had a perceptive read of the game.

Peeters has already said that he will involve the 17-year old in pre-season and from what I saw, albeit in a pre-season game (see above) I reckon Joe will be part of this season’s first team squad.

I think most fans were under the impression that Joe was out of contract, but like a glorious bolt from the blue, this report on the OS tells us that he signed a 2-year professional contract earlier this year.

After the Poyet disappointment, this is very welcome news.

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  1. Bob Miller #

    The quality of the picture on the Charlton You Tube feed from Belgium was indeed excellent, but unfortunately the action was very herky-jerky, with pauses, delays and speed-ups creating a somewhat difficult watch of the match. The commentary was of the customary amateurish CAFC Player quality, but in saying all that, it was great the club provided the service, which is greatly appreciated by those of us who seldom have the opportunity to see Charlton play on the tube,

    July 7, 2014
  2. I wonder to what extent the club will use the You Tube service next season in respect of interviews, highlights, live games etc and if it will take over from the poor Player service.

    July 7, 2014
  3. Dean ciolek #

    I watched the service on a tv in Thailand and was very happy with the service,be brilliant if we could get to see a few more games this way.

    July 8, 2014
  4. ken from bexley #

    Why hide the fact that they had signed a 2 year deal…….. till now?
    ‘Transparency’ needs to be given a greater opportunity at CAFC.
    Not the first time that a ‘good story’ has not been promoted during the past season, the comms policy needs a complete rethink. With the departure of Steve Bradshaw perhaps that should start ASAP. You could start with engaging with the Supporters trust, who have 1100 plus signed and paid members. As Led Zep once sang…… ‘Communication breakdown’

    July 8, 2014

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