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Fruity welcome in Sint-Truiden

Anyone else notice how the three Charlton shirts when stood together resemble the Belgium flag? They are not just all waffles and mussels you know.

Being a grown up, the design of a football shirt shouldn’t really bother me, but I’m sorry these three from Nike this season are atrocious and £61 for kids who want the full kit.

Actually I think my aversion to them stems from the Sunday league font used for Greenwich University. Anyway the wrapping doesn’t matter, it’s what’s inside that counts.

The black number will get its first run out on Saturday when the Addicks play sister club Standard Liege in the Roland Duchatelet Philips Stayen Cup. All of Roland’s teams, even the ones he denies owning, will be playing during Saturday, starting at 3pm with a break for the Belgium v Argentina game at 6pm local time and the Addicks and Standard play after that to potentially some very disheartened locals.

All games are 45 minutes long, except the grand finale when Charlton play hosts STVV on Sunday over 90 minutes. I have no idea how they will decide the winner but it is the chance for Bob Peeters to win his first Charlton silverware!

Stayen, the home to STVV, is very much the work and ambition of Roland Duchatelet and this tournament is meant to be part of it’s grand opening. The 14,600 capacity stadium also includes a hotel, a conference centre, commercial space, fitness centre, shops and a restaurant.

Sint-Truiden is the fruit growing centre of Belgium and should provide a welcome host for the hundred or so Addicks expected to make the journey.

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  1. No badge or logos but you get all 3 for about the same money at

    July 3, 2014
    • My old Nan, in fact anyone’s Nan could sew a CAFC badge on and iron on some letters and boom..

      July 4, 2014
  2. richard #

    Like you CA I know I shouldn’t care, but I hate the home kit, and as for the orange bleeding into yellow thing…

    I used to believe in conspiracies. But as I’ve grown older I have realised that a conspiracy requires brains. I don’t think Roland et al are that smart to come up with this. So all things considered, I think its a coincidence. Come on you reds…er oranges

    July 4, 2014

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