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23 games

Or more pertinently 8 years.

8 years of cultivation, schooling and coaching dedication. All for what? Maybe half a million quid. The complete opposite scenario of why Roland Duchâtelet wants to develop the academy.

Even though I had resigned myself to Poyet leaving, it was still a kick in the knackers yesterday when the club put out the statement on their website. Another year wouldn’t have hurt would it, but that’s gratitude for you. Me and you are the only thing loyal about football clubs.

The writing was on the wall for me once José Riga left. I think he may have convinced Poyet to stay. 23 games and three different managers and with Paul Hart also gone, I am sure they were all factors that made up the 19-year old’s mind. That plus a zoo of club’s tapping him on the shoulder.

The old lot are to blame of course for not putting a contract extension in front of him, but they didn’t have a penny to rub together and there are even rumours that Jimenez insisted that Powell couldn’t give him his debut earlier because that would activate a pay rise.

Duchâtelet it seemed did try to convince Poyet to stay, but I would suggest it was too late. One would think that money is not Poyet’s main driver and I now hope for Poyet’s sake he picks the right club. There are so many examples of young players having their head turned and following career paths straight into reserve and development football at big clubs. Look at the England U17 squad that won the European Championships in 2010. Just two of the 18 are now regular Premier League first-teamers.

I would not be surprised to see him to go abroad actually.

In less distressing news Richard Wood has signed for Rotherham. Wood I thought had agreed to stay on a further year after triggering a contract extension but I guess that was only effective on July 1st, so he too can move on a free. The Yorkshire born defender did a decent job filling in at the back for Addicks last season, but this now means that Bob Peeters needs to add another centre-half to his shopping list, which should include another centre-half, two midfielders, a wide man and a target man. Plus a goalkeeper to challenge Nick Pope, which is expected to be Logan Bailly, who is out of contract at relegated Belgian side OH Leuven. His career has stalled since starring at Borussia Mönchengladbach and being capped for Belgium.

Talking of target men Barnsley’s Chris O’Grady has declared his intention to stay as he doesn’t want to move south of the Peak District.

We were also honoured with some Roly quotes on the OS today. I particularly liked the comment regarding potential transfer targets: “we just want to bring in the right players whether they are from Belgium or the moon!” A little humour there and a not insignificant intention.

Finally congratulations to Reza who created Charlton history yesterday by scoring for Iran at the World Cup Finals. Reza and Iran impressed and I hope he returns to SE7 brimming with confidence.

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  1. Great piece, CA.

    June 26, 2014
  2. ColinG #

    Poyet would have left for the money and his father will make sure he has one of the best (money grabbing) agents available , the very people RD despises.

    I do wish him well though , it was a real pleasure watching someone so young with the talent and desire I think to get to the very top.

    With the new owners that is probably the one positive we can take so far is that our players will be on the correct contracts. Wouldn’t it be great if all owners of football clubs held the same principles and all clubs were run on a proper financial keel, that then would kerb the ridiculous amounts of money some very average players are asking for and in many cases receiving.

    June 27, 2014
    • Definitely Colin. I have to say Gus showed very little loyalty to Brighton.

      June 27, 2014
  3. Pat #

    At least it answers one of my questions about whether he was going to be sent off to the mother ship – it still confuses me about players moving between RD’s clubs. I know we are busy blaming the ‘last lot’, but why wasn’t it the first thing on RD’s list when he arrived – he keeps banging on about the young players – and a one eyed budgie with a squint would have known the boy should have been given another contract there and then.Not that contracts are worth the paper they are written on of course as we found out with Scott Parker. I wish Poyet all the best and do not blame him one little bit with all the uncertainties surround our club – we all know under different circumstances he would have stayed another year.

    June 30, 2014

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