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Liking the cut of his jib

I quite liked what Bob Peeters had to say today. Sat in between his boss and Richard Murray, Peeters came across as eager, methodical, personable, witty and up for it.

Duchâtelet looked disinterested and was happy for Peeters to answer all the questions, except for the one about the difference between a head coach and a manager, which startled Roland into action. Meanwhile Murray happily jumped in to explain the benefit of one-year contract agreements, still aggrieved obviously, like we all are, at the £1m the club paid to say goodbye to Alan Pardew.

Peeters talked of his hopes to re-sign Michael Morrison and Diego Poyet, who is expected to return for pre-season training on Thursday even though he is a free agent. As an aside I hope Diego is reading as many articles as I am about so many of England’s blossoming young players being lost to the big clubs.

Peeters was asked a couple of different ways as to the club’s transfer policy, and he stressed that he will promote youth players and is also looking for Championship experience with several deals being worked upon. He mentioned just about every position that needed to be strengthened but appeared to take for granted that Igor Vetokele is a done deal.

17-year old Joe Gomez will join the first team for pre-season training Peeters said, although I believe the centre-back has yet to sign a pro-contract. Peeters said that Chris Solly will be fit for the new season, but his knee will be carefully managed. There was no mention of Rhoys Wiggins injury.

He laughed off suggestions of his Millwall connections and joked that he was in the hospital more than on the pitch. If nothing else he has researched our woeful record against The Lions.

I was impressed by him, and I am hoping for a passionate but big thinking manager, who will nurture the ‘Charlton spirit’ but have us play an eye-catching style. It was nice also that he borrowed Jose Riga’s suit for the occasion!

Pre-season training starts on Thursday with our first friendly 8 days later. By my reckoning seven more players need to be photographed holding the shirt on the pitch before we kick off against Brentford, even better before Peeters takes his squad to Spain for a training camp in the middle of July.

Talking of friendlies the Addicks announced today that Swindon Town will take Colchester’s place in the pre-season game on July 30th.

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  1. Hungry Ted #

    Good summary, CA. I though Big Bob came across as a good man and my gut feeling at this point is that I’ll like him. Duchatelet, on the other hand, should have carried himself better. He’s either giving the press his attention or not. Let’s hope that disinterested appearance was due to the distraction of a text from Poyet saying ‘when can I sign?’.

    Murray looked enthusiastic, which is encouraging.

    On the plus side, and in some defense of Roly, there seems a lot of positive things happening behind the scenes.

    June 24, 2014
    • I liked Bob too, but don’t get me started on Roly. I watched him intently during the 20 minute interview on Player and he was utterly disinterested and detached.

      Now, I know this was Bob’s moment and Roly allowed him to dominate, but this really was another opportunity for him to impart on us some of his ambitions and objectives for the club and his network.

      There is a lot of good news around the infrastructure of the club and I am amazed that he did not want to talk about that. As Matt Wright said, it is an open goal. Maybe he gave a separate interview to whilst he was in the building, but probably not.

      He comes across so distrusting, cold and apathetic and I think those that want to have a fans meeting with him and Katrien are going to be waiting a long time.

      June 24, 2014
  2. Coling #

    I here what you say , but my intuition is telling me that RD may feel he has achieved Zero so far and is not in this for the ego trip but a genuine opportunity for him to prove success can be achieved in a different way. He definetley has a master plan in his head that we may only get to learn about if we are successful . Something is going on at little old SE7 but alas for now it is a fingers crossed job for the most of us which I know frustrates the hell out of a lot of you bloggers .

    June 24, 2014
    • I admit I am frustrated but I hope that you are right. Even though a half a billionaire politican that owns 6 football clubs would probably have an ego I would say.

      June 24, 2014
  3. Pat #

    Did anyone ask Peeters who is going to pick the team?

    June 24, 2014
  4. Pat #

    OK – I’ve listened to the bit I’m allowed to without subscribing, and if the word ‘manager’ is mentioned once, its mentioned several times. I thought he wasn’t the manager – I thought he was the coach??? Here’s a question for all the experts out there – does it matter? We’ll probably get to like him, he’ll refuse to do as he’s told, and then he’ll be gone again. Great master plan. Sorry Chicago – you are so good at being positive – you positively cheered me up and then I have to go and get picky. Once the Q&A session goes ahead I’m sure it will all become clear…..

    June 24, 2014
    • The bit they may have cut then was when Roland, after he was awaken from his stupor, attempted to explain the concept of Head Coach as opposed to Manager. I can’t remember the answer to be honest.

      June 24, 2014

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