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We’ve taken down the St George in our house and my daughter has decided we are now Brazil fans. I got hold of a Brazil car flag last week at a function I was at and that now adorns the car (photo). Don’t worry, I told the kid that you can change your country, but never your team. She understands.

She was of course born in Bermuda, which appears to give you the right to support whatever country you want and more than one, as it is not unusual to see a car drive by with three or four different flags fluttering from the window.

Our landlord (house not pub) came over in the week full of the World Cup, loves it he does. “Who’s taken your fancy then,” I asked.

“Oh I always support France and Ghana, and when they go out I’ll go for the Dutch and then probably Brazil or Argentina.” The sun can do that to you.

The World Cup keeps on giving with more terrific games. Even games that should be dull are exciting like the Algeria v South Korea earlier.

I have now missed both of Iran’s matches but am determined to see Reza play on Wednesday. Reza is only the 4th player to represent the Addicks at a World Cup Finals after John Hewie, Mark Kinsella and Claus Jensen and it sounded as if he had a great game yesterday.

Then tonight Portugal and the USA put on an absolute stonker. So many of the late night games have been crackers. The American’s were as they would say, awesome, playing like, well, like an English team should play. Aggressive, passionate, tireless.

They fully deserved to win the game and then a last kick of the ball, 95th minute lifeline from Varela after a peach of a cross from the otherwise ineffective Ronaldo keeps Portugal in it and stops a big chunk of the population here in Bermuda from downing tools tonight.

15% of Bermuda’s population are said to be descendants of Portugal and they have made themselves seen and heard since the beginning of the tournament.

Brilliant World Cup, just brilliant. Hopefully Brazil can have us all purring tomorrow.

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  1. Martin Cowan #

    Reza played like he did for Charlton, lots of effort, but missing that cutting edge. Had a couple of good chances against Argentina, but put them straight at the keeper.

    Brazil haven’t impressed me so I’m going to watch Croatia Mexico as both teams need to win. Hoping it’ll be a good one!

    June 23, 2014

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