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Brentford away to start

We knew that we would be away, and we also knew it would be one of the promoted teams because it always is, so no suprise then that we travel across London to Brentford on the opening day of next season, August 9th.

Mind you a couple of days later we have Colchester United at home in the 1st Round of the Capital One Cup, so really giving The Valley pitch only a couple of extra days to settle, and then within a week after that the pitch has to host another two home league games. Hardly what club staff were hoping for when they asked for The Valley to spared early on.

It is a tough start with us facing the three losing play-off teams in the opening month as well as a trip to Huddersfield.

Fulham at home is October 25th, we host Millwall on November 22nd, and Cardiff come to The Valley on Boxing Day, which is a little strange. No New Year’s Day game as the FA Cup 3rd Round kicks off early in January.

The run-in looks a difficult on paper as the last one, with aways at Millwall, Wednesday, Bolton and Birmingham and we finish off at home to Bournemouth.

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  1. Pat #

    For the first time in many, many years I haven’t been bothered – usually the fixtures would be in my diary 2 minutes after publication. When, oh when, are we going to have this meeting? Has anyone heard anything? The only thing I feel I can go on at the moment is if Poyet stays.

    June 18, 2014
    • ken from bexley #

      I think your comments are somewhat close to mine.
      If you are talking about the meeting with CAFC, do not hold your breath……. Not even a date scheduled in as yet?. The lady has been back over a week to my certain knowledge ( as I saw her down the Valley ) Obviously the agreement that CAFC gave towards working together with the trust just 12 months ago, were words that this individual does not feel ‘signed up to’.
      Strange, as CAFC are currently implementing the Value the Valley based on the ACV the trust obtained. Of course if the lady had met with the trust we would have been more than happy to discuss what part we could have played……. and pointed out to her that CAFC do not own the ACV. But the trust hold/are the nominated body, on the ‘Valley’ ACV. A subtle but relevant fact.

      June 18, 2014
      • Frankly, although Katrien has impressed many at The Valley her message is only as good as Roland will allow. She hasn’t worked for him for very long and privately I hear she is frustrated by her bosses style.

        June 18, 2014
  2. ken from bexley #

    Not met anyone who has actually met her in person that is impressed…….
    A PR stunt outside the ground in a ‘t shirt’ is not in itself going to cut it for me, in itself I am afraid.
    I get the frustration……. but frankly that is her choice?

    What exactly is the ‘message’ that the Chairman/owner wishes to inform us with?

    Not sure how he knows the culture and social dynamics of CAFC…… Not sure he cares anyway?

    He may well be an astute businessman, but apparently the previous lot were that, and look what happened.!…… I have no fixed opinion about the man, except that he has not taken the time to explain his ‘vision’ or spoken to the representative fans groups. So he is at least consistent with the previous ‘owners’. I may or may not agree with his’ vision’, and the fact that he had to rebuild the pitch was really a business requirement, as without a decent, sustainable pitch the FL would not allow you to play!. I do hope they get it right, and I am sure they will, but the question is why had things degenerated to this level?

    June 19, 2014
  3. Your comments interest me Ken as I know you are involved with the Trust and the ‘supporters group.’ You sound extremely frustrated and personally I’m not sure what another staged video interview will do, not unless RD uses it to address fans. We live in hope.

    With our first pre-season game in 2 weeks it would be a perfect opportunity for RD and BP to give us their plans and objectives. Not secrets, but sound reasonings and ambitions for the transfer window and the season ahead.

    Fans yet to renew season tickets or sponsorships and those that have deserve some engagement.

    June 20, 2014

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