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Goooooooaallll everyone!

It says something that all people really remember from South Africa 2010 is the annoying vuvuzela, but after just four days of the Brazil World Cup it is goals that is on everyone’s lips.

39 so far, more than the entire 2010 tournament and the most net busting since 1962.

Even England did their bit, despite losing on Saturday night and although disappointing it was encouraging to see us pass, move and take the game to Italy unlike in the recent past when we would attempt to bore the opposition to death.

Brazil did not look like world beaters on Thursday, but you can’t ignore the pressure and expectation they had to face on opening night. The next day in Group A Mexico comfortably beat Cameroon.

However it was Saturday night when another enduring Dutch memory hit football fans right in between the eyes. I was with my brother and a few of his mates on the eve of his wedding day in a pub in Newbury, and we watched open mouthed as the Netherlands demolished the World Champions. The thrill of watching that van Persie header and the subsequent celebrations is what World Cup Finals are all about.

Chile and Colombia continued the South American flag waving and rightly so, and then Costa Rica blew the doors off our Group D and sets up England’s game against Uruguay as a win-or-bust.

I didn’t see the Ivory Coast win, although the wedding celebrations were still in full swing, but yesterday afternoon Switzerland produced more excitement beating Ecuador in the last minute before France easily beat probably the poorest team in Brazil, Honduras.

The Central American’s actually put a smile on face reminding me of many slapstick nations who have appeared on the big stage to play clowns and baddies.

Jonathan Pearce played the role of clown on BBC last night as he appeared to be the only person watching the France game that didn’t understand how the goal line technology worked, and then later we had to sit through a half-time analysis of how overrated Lionel Messi was, so all the better then to see him score a trademark cracker in the 2nd half.

Sadly I will be on an airplane today when Germany play Portugal and when Reza walks out for Iran in Curitiba. I should be at home though to watch the USA play their opener against Ghana later.

It’s good so far isn’t it?

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  1. Bob Miller #

    CA, some may feel Messi is overrated (not sure why) but I must say I have never seen him dive, feign injury, whine, scream with false pain or do any of the other histrionics which denigrate the game of football, such as is repeatedly done by a Ronaldo and a few other “great” players, so he is number one in my book!

    June 16, 2014
  2. Martin Cowan #

    CA, highlights for me so far – the Dutch (what a thrilling win that was, they could have had 6 or 7); Italy (with he peerless Pirlo), and Argentina in the second half against Bosnia. Lowlights – all that rolling around, feigning injury, and at least one iffy penalty (Spain’s). Let’s hope the coming weeks are as exciting as the first 4 days!

    June 16, 2014

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