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Paddy Powell made redundant

Every Saturday evening whilst the old man was making the egg and chips after we had got in from The Valley I would be ignoring Doctor Who on the box and be out in the back garden recreating one of Paddy’s run and crosses, jinking this way and that and doing that trademark drop of the shoulder before finding the lurking Derek Hales or Mike Flanagan with a teaser of a ball into my Mum’s runner beans.

Because we always kicked towards the Covered End in the 2nd half, Paddy would saunter over to the vast open East Terrace before the re-start and chat to the kids down the front, sign an autograph, or get the result of the 3.45pm at Kempton Park. Always with a smile as wide as the touchline.

I wrote this article before his testimonial last summer and I was honoured that Colin’s daughter not only took time to read it, but also to comment.

Colin ‘Paddy’ Powell is a proper Charlton legend and has been involved with the club for 41 years, 22 as the groundsman returning to The Valley with the rest of us in 1992.

Today Paddy was made redundant by the club alongside Paul Ellis and Chief Operating Officer Steve Bradshaw. Allegedly Paddy’s retirement letter was addressed to ‘Dear Chris,’ which just about sums up the place at the moment, although the OS has done him proud here.

Paul Ellis also deserves a special mention. Paul is probably at every game and has been for as long as I can remember. The programme aficionado is the go to man for those that treasure football programmes and was an inspiration to me as a kid.

I hope that both Paul and Paddy get to now enjoy their lives, stay healthy and work again if that’s what they want. Charlton legends both.

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  1. Andy #

    Is nothing sacred!

    June 4, 2014
    • Too right Andy. Next they’ll be having us playing in red shor….. Oh!

      June 4, 2014
  2. Pat #

    He was an absolute joy to watch as a player – and Hales was nothing without him. And didn’t they seem to stay a long time at one club in those days? Or am i imagining that?

    June 5, 2014
    • Your memory has not let you down Pat. Powell and Hales played together for 7 seasons, Killer in two different spells.

      June 5, 2014
  3. Annon #

    Paddy will always be a true ‘legend’ and I’m saddened to learn of the way the club has treated him by giving him little option but to take early retirement…..The pitch has been a true reflection of the time and effort he, together with his staff, to have a pitch that has been perfection in the past. The excessive wet spell earlier this season, and the lack of investment by the club can not be blamed on Paddy.

    June 5, 2014
  4. charltonlane #

    Sad to hear. I had a feeling he might be surplus to requirements with a state of the art new pitch that requires less maintenance. My only hope for him and Paul Ellis is that they nay have been considering retirement anyway.

    If the Dear Chris is correct, someone else should be leaving the club.

    I am in Cyprus at the moment but will post more on Monday.

    June 6, 2014

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