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Duchâtelet playing the wages game

The official Charlton Athletic courier, also known as the South London Press has said that Chris O’Grady’s move to The Valley is in jeopardy, if ever it wasn’t, due to Charlton failing to get anywhere near his wage demands. I am all for not paying over the top, but Barnsley had the second lowest wage bill in The Championship last season and potentially O’Grady will be forced to take a cut at Oakwell following relegation.

Many other clubs are in the hunt, including Millwall, for the 15-goal striker and £500,000 appears to be a decent fee for the 28-year old, when compared to what others of a similar ilk would cost. Although Sky Sports have also reported that the proposed structure of our fee has also frustrated the Tykes.

Whispers also say that Michael Morrison’s negotiations with the club are at a snails pace because of a paltry first offer from Duchâtelet.

Duchâtelet openly thinks he can beat the market, and by utilising his network, can make a profit on players. A noble cause, but sometimes negotiation needs some enterprise, otherwise you never win. Not that I’m saying we should necessary push the boat out for O’Grady, but Morrison is a known quantity and frankly I have no idea of the sort of player Duchâtelet will replace him with.

Meanwhile far more up Duchâtelet’s strasse is that the Belgium press are reporting that we are signing Standard Liege midfielder Yoni Buyens (photo), in fact the report said that Bob Peeters was going to sign him, which reminds me, anyone seen our Bob?

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  1. redvalley9 #

    I fear stormy ride ahead. If I win the lottery tonight I will buy out the Belgium and reinstate CP and make an offer to Bournemouth they couldn’t refuse.

    Sent from my Ultrafast Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on Three

    June 3, 2014
  2. CPRR #

    England is not Belgium. The British leagues are skewed by the effect of the premiership and by higher Championship wages. Roland seems to be making no consideration of that.He clearly wants the world in the way that he sees it and not the reality of how things actually are.

    It is a conundrum of how to run a club sustainably with a balanced budget and still be competitive in the Championship. It is likely to be an impossible ask.

    A few good youngsters sold off to balance the books. Under Roland Charlton appear to be the new Walsall or Crewe, who produce some decent young players. Pay league one wages and you get a league one club. Unless FFP has points deductions for not balancing the books are in place then FFP is a dead duck.

    Maybe Charlton will be competitive in 6 to 10 years or so or not given the millions that are being amassed from the clubs above. Under Roland Charlton supporters need to be ready to accept a massive drop in standard and expectation. Under Roland, Charlton is now officially a little club. Solvent but going no where.

    I don’t pretend to be a genius and know the answer as to how a Championship can be sustainable and competitive. I think that the Roland network model and alogorithm is flawed and full of arrogance, refusal to face reality and hubris.The English league is not Belgium.

    The Roland vision and execution of it is not one that has encouraged me to renew my season ticket.

    June 3, 2014
    • ken from bexley #

      Hard to argue with you CPRR, and I have feared this ‘philosophy’ of RD since his arrival, having spoken to a well informed Belgium journalist who wrote about this for the trust.
      His ‘stable’ of clubs is a novel concept, but I fear it will not work in this country. I am afraid that CAFC are not a ‘main player’. Few if any one will care what his ‘vision is’ , even fewer will play ball with his ideas. Not that I am a fan of mega rich player’s and agents, but to change the ‘market’ you have to have a plan that will be sustainable for all the league clubs.
      Not even sure that CAFC are solvent!. We shall have to see the figures, and the results next season. There is a lot of change at CAFC, I would have thought that stability, with prudent investment in two or three players, to compliment the young players would have been money well spent, but hey! I do not own 5 clubs like RD, so hopefully I am wrong.
      I hope so, and like you I have not renewed. ?

      June 3, 2014

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