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Nervous twitch

How’s everyones state of mind? My symptoms today have been of a snappy, over tired, anxious middle-aged bloke with a very annoying contact lense giving the impression that I’ve got a nervous twitch.

Whoever said football was exciting was telling lies. Honestly how many of you are excited about tomorrow night?

There are so many permutations that Addicks will be sat with radios, mobiles and calculators but Jose and the boys have to play the game to win, and I really hope that we get off to a quick start, which has been missing for some while. Equally though we have to be prepared to play the long game, the supporters too, and be patient and mentally strong. It goes without saying that if we’d played with these characteristics all season we wouldn’t even be having this conversation!

Team selection needs to be brave but sensible and in a strange twist of fate I am hoping that Sordell is the first name on the team sheet, despite his penalty miss on Saturday. I have been attempting to look for a pattern of fate or a storyline of destiny and perhaps Marvin will provide it.

Watford could show up as spoilers or bit-part actors. We have more in common with the Hornets than I ever thought possible, but frankly tomorrow night has to be all about us.

I have said for some time now that we have been too reliant on other teams, particularly seeking three teams worse than us but tomorrow night it is our stage and I just implore that we own it.

There is no doubt that The Valley crowd will own the noise, they have been exceptionally supportive this season despite witnessing so many disappointing results, but the management team(s) and players have rarely been criticised and rightly so.

We are all in it together, The Valley under the floodlights could do with just one more big night.

I’ll meanwhile will be even more agitated and snappy tomorrow. I might even go contact lense-less!

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