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As José Riga pulls two names out of his hat tonight to decide which forward-combo he’ll try next I wonder if the CogniTraining connoisseur has considered a formation with no strikers whatsoever?

Dave will be shuddering at the thought but Craig Levein went with this line-up in a Euro 2012 qualifier against the Czech Republic. Hmm, that didn’t end well. Then there was Sam Allardyce, who once pointed out that he should be managing Real Madrid.

Big Sam set up his West Ham team earlier this season in a 4-6-0 formation much to those that follow the once World Cup winners angst. Not sure Big Sam and West Ham will end well either.

It was famed Brazilian coach Carlos Alberto Parreira who first called the 4-6-0 formation. Anghel Iordanescu’s Romania first ultilised it during the 1994 World Cup when they beat Argentina 3-2. Vicente del Bosque had a crack at it too, to much better acclaim that Craig Levein.

Whilst the Scottish performance was written off as white-flag waving feat of cowardice the Spanish during the Euro 2012 Finals were hailed as technical masters of maximising space and possession.

So, with our strikers being so rubbish, it has to be worth a go doesn’t it José? Put those forward’s names back in the hat and go with something like this instead:

Solly Morrison Dervite Fox
Wilson Cousins Poyet Ajdarević Jackson (c) Harriott

Poyet could player deeper and Ajdarević further forward with Wilson and Harriott providing the pace. Jackson will get forward with those late runs as much as possible.

I am of course not being particularly serious but whatever Riga does in preparation, I sincerely hope we go to Hillsborough tomorrow and be brave and opportunist, just like last time.

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  1. Systems and line ups are all very well, but if you don’t have belief in your own ability then it all counts for nothing.

    For me the problem is a terrible lack of confidence. All the players are taking at least an extra touch but often two or three. By which time the opposition are in their faces and the shot or the pass is closed down. Our only hope, in my opinion, is that three other teams are worse than us and we can limp into next season with a rebuilt team and coaching staff and once again, start all over again.

    April 21, 2014
    • Tend to agree with you Richard.

      It is a crying shame though that we have to start again (2nd time in 4 seasons) when we could have simply built on what CP did in 2011/12.

      April 21, 2014

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