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Good Friday after a bad Tuesday

It has been hard to shake Tuesday night. I tend not to dwell on games after 24 hours, but I have struggled with Tuesday. A restless night’s sleep preceeded the flight home yesterday and my unease wasn’t even shoved to one side by a large dose of Games of Thrones.

It was a long way to go to see that, but I have always said that when you pick your games and when you are a Charlton supporter, you have to retain a sense of inevitability.

José Riga has focused on the table and we are still 4th from bottom, and we should take some crumbs of comfort from that. Being an Addick has never been painless and carefree, but all the while our fate is in our own hands we have to ensure that we grab it. If the player’s confidence is as knocked as the fans, then we are in trouble and Riga and the little mentioned Karel Fraeye have to rebuild the belief.

Just as important, to me because I felt it was a big factor on Tuesday, is that Riga has to pick his best team. Monday is Monday and we are running out of games to be concerned with the next one.

No more tinkering or planning on playing players for half a game. A clean sheet again has to become the number one priority and I would play a five-man midfield with Wilson, Poyet, Cousins, AA and Jackson all starting. Perming anyone from six up front is a bit of a lottery but personally feel Ghoochannejhad should be given a start. The back five picks itself with Fox replacing the luckless Wiggins.

My matchday returns to type tomorrow, a day with the family flying kites as is traditional in Bermuda on Good Friday, whilst being glued to my phone.

Sleep well Addicks.

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