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Wild west

It was a little ways to go for a long weekend, but I really enjoyed our short trip to Scottsdale. There is a 4 hour time difference between Arizona and Bermuda and when we finally pulled into our hotel on Friday at midnight it had meant we’d been up for 22 hours, and one of us had woken with a raging hangover.

Then as always happens, the three of us were wide awake at 5am starving and ready to start the day, only to tire by evening time. Fortunately I’m out of the habit of all night clubbing, with the family anyway, so early nights followed by a couple of very enjoyable morning walks with coffee, blue skies and a just-perfect morning chill worked wonders.

The landscape is breathtaking and the weather inch perfect at this time of the year, although it was edging 90 (33c) when we left, which meant there was also plenty of sitting by the pool (photo) with sipping on prickly pear margaritas.

I will write more on the Sonoran Desert, where Jesse, our cowboy guide, took us on a 3-hour off-road joy ride and the sprawling city of Scottsdale soon.

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