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Charlton Athletic 0 Reading 1

There’s that old joke about being asked about who you support. “Charlton Athletic nil” you would say with a wry smile.

We are 8 hours behind here in Arizona and I followed from my bed as we drew another blank yesterday, the 5th in 8 games under Riga’s watch and another frustrating Valley performance, which the new manager bounce has not affected.

Riga imposed passing style may be more pleasing on the eye, and for those obsessed with stats, but without a clean sheet we have almost have no chance of winning. Just three times this season we have won a game by scoring more than a solitary goal, in 45 games!

I liked Riga’s comment, I think it was after the Forest game, that you can’t just run around for 90 minutes, especially playing twice a week, but we need to be braver, especially in the five games we have remaining at home starting with Tuesday’s massive six pointer.

Reading eye-witness reports it looked as if the same old complaints remain and for once Riga’s team selection and substitutions came under scrutiny and in Davide Petrucci it sounds as if we have hired another young professional footballer who is simply not fit. Petrucci, we hoped would be a creative spark we desperately need, but instead the reason why we lost a vital point yesterday. Harsh?

Finally, what is it with Saturday afternoons? We have won just four league games on the traditional day of football, and I have been at three of them!!

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  1. CPRR #

    Sounds like you need to make yourself available for the Blackburn game on the 26.04.14 !

    (The last Saturday home game of this season).


    April 6, 2014
  2. Martin Cowan #

    I don’t like the look of that final game against Blackpool! My only hope is that Riga is as wily as he seems and probably chalked up yesterday as a defeat, hence “resting” Obika, Reza, AA and JJ. No doubt they will all feature on Tuesday which is absolutely must win, and more crucially should be winnable. I’m not liking this run in at all, I am hoping against hope for wins against Yeovil and Barnsley and then things might seem more comfortable.

    April 6, 2014
    • That’s an interesting observation Martin. We haven’t been at the races in any of Riga’s matches against the top 6, but had a renewed spirit in winnable games. Let’s hope it is the mark of a tactical genius.

      April 6, 2014
  3. Roberto Addick #

    “Resting” players, if true, is a worrying sign. If anyone deserves a bit of R&R it’s those in defence – not that we can afford to allow them a break from their heroic work. We all agree that a major part of the problem is the forward set up. Since Yann left there’s been no cohesion. Obika said last season that he’d enjoyed feeding off Yann’s perceptive passes and flicks. Now we have no one capable of this essential work. Resting or rotating isn’t the answer. These players need games for fitness, and more importantly to develop an understanding of their team mates “play”. They are a mixed bunch of forwards who don’t appear to compliment each other or have the required potency in front of goal – not that they get many chances. Riga needs to identify Obika as our best hope for a goal and play him regularly. We need one proper winger to supply the crosses. Against Reading Harriott was awful on the right – so play him on his favoured left wing in front of Jackson. Cousins is wasted on the right, so put Astrit there or Church to run and be a nuisance to the opposition’s full back or Petrucci (if fit). Move Cousins back to the middle with the excellent Poyet.
    Then Riga needs to identify the best forwards to have on the bench. Piggot could replace Obika if he tires or is ineffectual. At least he has an understanding of the others. Rezza is too lightweight for our game but if required could be given a role during the later stages. Sordell is clutching at straws.
    Riga doesn’t have to be a tactical genius – just a manager doing his job, and picking a side that
    has balance, cohesion and purpose.

    April 7, 2014
    • Another excellent post Roberto. Agree that he needs to start with Obika and work around him. I would also push Wilson forward and play either Cousins or Nego (how bad can he be?) at right back.

      April 7, 2014
  4. Roberto Addick #

    Always good to know opinions are valued on your site. Many thanks for giving us all the opportunity to discuss your leading comments. In the late ’90s we had Mark Mansfield as host on Charlton Live (I think that’s the name),a programme on a tiny London station which became Millennium Radio. Aired on a Sunday evening for a couple of hours, it was essential listening with a phone-in section. Regular guests on the programme were players, Curbs, Peacock, and Club directors Varney and Murray. Reception covered London and parts of Kent. There was also the monthly Voice of the Valley magazine. This was the golden era of communication for us fans – and I believe it helped progress the Club through its 6 year tenure in the Premiership. Now communication is mainly by fans on Blog sites, from The South London Press and the re-launched Voice of the Valley magazine. All fine if there was also regular communication from the Club owner, Directors and officials. As you have flagged before, Duchatelet is none too keen to engage in conversation with any of the main Supporter groups until it suits him.
    This unhelpful stance has only produced harmful division and uncertainty amongst fans. I still
    don’t know if relegation financially suits Duchatelet, or if Powell was forced into resigning – not sacked; or the real aims of the owner for our Club that could actually make logical sense!

    Anyway, Chicago, back to tonight’s game. I’d love to see Wilson push up to midfield. With his energy, attacking and crossing ability, he is the only player we have who can be effective on the right side. Cousins to right back wouldn’t be a bad move either. But I doubt Riga will see it this way. Big shame. Presumably Jackson and the excellent Poyet in the middle with Astrit further forward. Obika should start with either Piggot (who at least knows our system) or Reza.
    Harriott, if necessary, to be our “impact sub” from the bench. He was awful against Reading, but if played on his favoured left wing, he may just re-discover his game and be a threat.

    Let’s hope and pray for happy postings Wednesday.

    April 8, 2014

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