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The calm before the storm

The waters are very flat around the isles of Bermuda today. Glass like in fact. Yet 400 miles away from us lies Hurricane Leslie and she is looking at us licking her lips. If she was a bus she would have ‘Bermuda’ written on the front of it, because that is her next stop.

Currently Leslie is a hurricane category 1 and is gusting at 80mph but moving north extremely slowly at just 2mph but the thing with hurricane formations is that a lot of stuff can happen to them whilst they are out in the ocean.

Yesterday the experts gave Leslie as a direct hit on Bermuda around Sunday at 3am. Today the models have it as missing us by 140 miles. Much, much better. However Leslie’s movement has been irrational and slow, although it will soon hit warmer waters, which will power her up.

The current predictions are that Leslie is expected to pass by here now later on Sunday morning with 110 mph winds (category 2).

Those of you with good memories will remember when I blogged through Hurricane Igor in 2010 (the day after a knee operation). That was no fun and the winds howling around our boarded up house for pretty much 24 hours has stayed with me.

Leslie will be stronger, but hopefully a little further away, nonetheless like Igor it is a big bugger and it’s wind field combined with its expected slow motion will generate long-period swells that will produce large waves and threatening rip currents on Bermuda. Our house sit’s high up over the south shore of Bermuda. We will have quite a view.

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  1. Be safe!!

    September 7, 2012

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