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One half wonders

Charlton Athletic 3 Peterborough United 2
Does it really matter if we only play for 45 minutes? Chris Powell’s 4th win following a stunning 2nd half performance, that followed a dismal first 45.

I’ll try not to dwell on the first half for too long but we sounded second all over the pitch and constantly compounded our problems by keep giving the ball away. Doherty and particularly Dailly sounded every day their combined age of 68 as Mackail Smith and Tomlin gave them a torrid time and we were lucky to be just one down at the break which was met with frustration from the stands and some boos. 

The biggest cheer of the first half came when the referee went over like he’d been shot by a sniper from the East Stand, and then followed by the loudest applause when he left the field on a stretcher. The club should consider producing an end of season referreeing highlights DVD such are the kerfuffles we have had down at The Valley this season.

The 2nd half was one of excitement as Peterborough played to type conceding three but adding a late second in the 6 minutes of injury time that followed 4 at the end of the 1st. Incredibly 120 goals have been scored in Peterborough’s 28 games this season!

Powell earnt his corn at half-time and made one change and just as I was sat here thinking that finally we appeared to be playing with a bit of purpose, then boom. Francis crossed for Jackson to score his first goal of Powell’s reign, and then less than a minute later Eccleston, far more effective out wide, crossed for BWP to head in from close range in what sounded like a peach of a move. I think I let out a scream at that point.

It was all us, and The Valley crowd was pushing them on and the much maligned Pawel Abbott, credited for the turnaround after coming on for Waggy at half-time, volleyed home a 3rd.

Still there was time to bite the fingernails as Mackail Smith re-joined Wright-Phillips as the league’s top goalscorer with Posh’s 2nd but after every game in the country had finished, the 4th official’s whistle finally went and we all breathed out.

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CA fact: BWP has scored in each of his last 4 games.

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  1. SLC Red #

    At half-time when we were 0-1 down I went to work out thinking it was going to be “one of those days”. Then in between The Smithereens, the Black Crowes, Patti Smith, Steppenwolf and New Order the goals started flowing. I claim no credit but endorphins and a Charlton win are a powerful combination.

    February 13, 2011
  2. Pat #

    I know it wasn’t good in the 1st half, but my God what a difference in the 2nd. I presume all the experts who booed at half time, who know so much more about the game than I do having all played and managed at a high level, approved of Powell’s changes. I’m sure every one of them would have played Abbott in a role he should be used for more often in this division. And of course they would have all spotted how Peterborough were making things difficult in the 1st half and how we had to change to combat it – but I don’t need to explain to them do I?
    (Why don’t they all bugger off?)

    February 14, 2011
    • I think what has gone unnoticed is that Powell could easily just have replaced Wagstaff with Reid like for like, but he didn’t he put Eccleston out wide and gambled with Abbott as the holding striker, where he excelled.

      February 15, 2011
  3. Su #

    But what does Powell know, he has no track record, has never managed before…has only got the job because he’s a legend at the Valley. All those experts have so much more knowledge and experience!

    Of course, the man was only Chairman of the PFA, one of only forty players in one hundred years. I mean…you don’t need knowledge, management and intelligence to do that, now do you! He has his coaching badges and was wanted for his coaching abilities by his then club and others…

    He still has to manage within our present conditions…we are not Manchester City…nor even those who are having money just pumped in, we are just starting on our road. It was lamented we seemed to have lost that being the “right” Charlton…now maybe we’ll be that Charlton again. Run properly from top to bottom…including the team.

    February 15, 2011

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