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My Top 5 2010 Albums

Not a great year for albums I don’t think but I still easily managed to find five favourites, three from bands making their debuts.

My Top Five Albums in 2010:

1. Total Life Forever – Foals
Brilliant follow up the their first album but bravely different. If Antidotes was angry, then this is composed and unruffled. Full of deep and meaningful tracks with songs that get you right inside.
Favourite track: Spanish Sahara

2. Tourist History – Two Door Cinema Club
Great debut album. A little Bloc Party-ish but a fresh sound in a year of average. Great album, and great tunes that all stand up individually.
Favourite track: Undercover Martyn

3. The XX – The XX
If you are ever planning an late night car journey, then put this album on. Romy Madley Croft’s dream-like vocals on this debut album are beautiful.
Favourite track: Shelter

4. Acolyte – Delphic
Another excellent debut album and the best of the new electronic band movement. Ths is a whole mixed party tape on one CD.
Favourite track: This Momentary

5. Black Swan – Athlete
This was actually released in late 2009 but I’m including it anyway because I can’t stop playing it. Upbeat, lyrical and poppy. A poor man’s Chris Martin Joel Pitt might be, but he has a wealth of talent and an Addicks fan to boot!
Favourite track: Rubik’s Cube

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