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After an excellent week in California I flew back today to Miami, where the family will meet me tomorrow for half-term.

So, I have a night on my own in Miami, and after checking out the DJ line ups in South Beach, I have made the executive decision to not leave my bed, and after 5 hotels in 6 days, it is a treat to not have to be running out of the door. My night is set, I have wine and I will watch the Chicago Cubs hopefully secure a World Series spot for the first time since 1945.

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Gillingham 1 Charlton Athletic 1

Nicky Ajose’s late penalty hides more cracks than a nudist convention after Charlton salvaged a point at Gillingham today. A pretty appalling 1st half performance at least improved amongst a bizarre refereeing display with the intoduction of Ajose after the break but when Ricky Holmes missed a penalty it looked as if we would slump to an embarrassing defeat. Yet a second opportunity from the spot after another handball decision gave Ajose a second chance to equalize and he did confidently and ran to Slade pointing at his chest.

The couple of thousand of Addicks at Priestfield made their feelings pretty clear towards Russell Slade at the break and two points from six leaves us sandwiched between Millwall and Gillingham in 17th fast approaching a third of the way through the season. That’s one win in twelve.

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Port Vale 1 Charlton Athletic 1

Do you ever feel like you can’t do anything right? Roland blames us, Meire and Keohane hate us and now Slade wades in having a go at a train full of Charlton fans prepared to invest time and money and travel halfway up the country to support their team on a Tuesday night. 
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Hey Mickey!

I have arrived in Anaheim, California tonight after a long day of travel. I am out on America’s west coast for the week with work and Anaheim, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Francisco and Napa Valley are all stops along the way.

Napa is a great way to finish a trip, but I have an interesting day tomorrow when I spend a day at Disneyland. I can see you rolling your eyes, but hear me out.
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Charlton Athletic 3 Coventry City 0

For me trying to follow the game remotely, the game and therefore the result was a little secondary on Saturday. Greater forces of importance were at play yesterday afternoon in a wonderful coming together of two sets of supporters. Coventry fans take a bow and I really hope you rid yourselves of the imposters that have somehow got themselves to be leaders of your famous club’s future. 

As for us, the result, a much needed 3 points, showed again that there is no correlation between full scale protests and the team’s performance on the pitch, in fact to the contrary if anything, it has been a spark provided by fans to give the team a platform to actually show us what they can do. 

The first half, a cracker of a goal by Ricky Holmes aside, was pretty uneventful on the pitch accept for the arrival of 3,000 pink pigs thrown on by Addicks and Sky Blues’ fans just after kick off to remind our respective owners that pigs are more likely to fly than they give two snorts about the future of our historic football clubs.
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Hurricane Nicole – Thurs night

Outside the rattling of the windows has been replaced by the lullaby of the tree frogs as Nicole moves away from us and although the island is still under storm watch, driving around tonight you’d never know this place got battered all day by 125 mph winds. Bermuda really is a resilient little country.

Where we live the back end of the storm after the eye passed over around midday was no where near as bad as the first lashing we got. The east end of the island nearer the airport, Hamilton Parish and St George’s if you know it appeared to fare far worst. I think the airport and the causeway connecting it to the rest of the island sustained damage.
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Hurricane Nicole – Thurs am

Rain is swirling outside like a Catherine Wheel firework as gusts of wind are now close to 100 mph with the eye still two hours away but with the wall of the eye just approaching us now.

Nicole’s eye is 50 miles wide, which is twice the size of the island, which will mean a very surreal experience when it moves over us. The weather nerd in me is looking for way to seeing that in about 90 minutes.
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