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Getting to Know The Network

I’m a bit late with this but it is most definitely worth a plug and over 10,000 people have already listened to them I believe but as the pro-Duchatelet brigade get louder and the splits amongst the fan base get a little wider I implore all Charlton fans to listen to the recently released Getting to Know The Network. Whatever your view of how Duchatelet and Meire are running the club these two initial podcasts of an eventual set of four are required listening.
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More Comms people than players

It now all makes sense. A top 6 budget does not necessarily mean on midfielders or goalscorers, it means on specialised marketing and communication staff. 

After Mel Baroni walked out 46 days into her new job following Roly’s {…} rant in March, Meire attempted to steady the sinking ship by hiring specialist sport and entertainment PR firm Pitch at I expect great ongoing expense.

If that wasn’t enough Meire has now hired full time, Tom Rubashow from Pitch PR as Head of Communications. This story had already been broken by Matt Wright in the last VOTV. Tom is so communicative that after word got out of his impending move to Charlton, he made his Twitter account private.
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Happy Back to The Valley Day

Makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Eddie Heath

Very difficult and traumatising subject this, but when I first saw the press that Eddie Heath’s name had surfaced in relation to the recent child abuse scandal enveloping English football dating back to the 1970’s and 80’s I can’t say I was surprised. 

I knew of Eddie Heath through a couple of mates that played in his youth set up at both Millwall and Charlton in the late 70’s and early 80’s before he died suddenly at the club’s training ground in Eltham in December 1983. It was well known amongst local youth football at the time that he would prey on vulnerable young players mostly those who came to games and practice without their parents. I read today that he would befriend single Mum’s so that he would gain their trust of having their sons in his care. 
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Charlton Athletic 0 MK Dons 0

After a week of plenty of talking Karl Robinson’s team were rather mute on the pitch today in front of less than 5,000 supporters of Robinson’s new and old clubs. It was a lackluster performance that delivered none of the promise of goals, buckling up, entertainment and on the edge of your seat. Not much of any new manager bounce either.

But the Karl Robinson revolution is going to take time, and a few different players. Maybe more than a few. Neither of which Roland Duchatelet has been keen on giving Robinson’s umpteen predecessors. 
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And here’s to you Mr Robinson

Nothing to complain about of Karl Robinson’s first interaction with fans, in a much more controlled setting of the west stand with the fawning and fibbing Katrien Meire not to be seen.

Robinson came across honest and genuinely excited about his new job. He said all the right things, but what newly unveiled manager doesn’t, yet real enthusiasm spilled out of him like a kid on Christmas Eve and there was a lot to like.

Obviously he called for unity between fans and club, I can understand that, and there he is no doubt that he had a very good relationship with the supporters of MK Dons, not that us them can be categorized in anyway similarly.

His comments about Chris O’Loughlin were a little odd, and I understand he has made them again since. One word of advice Karl, don’t pull the wool over our eyes. In addition I see that the CAST has offered to meet up with Robinson to offer him support but importantly to give him background and substance to the majority of fan’s grievances towards the club’s owner and CEO.
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Charlton Athletic 1 Sheffield United 1

A thoroughly undeserved point on Saturday after Patrick Bauer equalized in taxi time against most people’s promotion favourites Sheffield United.

Despite United’s dominance and a superb display from young Dylan Phillips, the Blades only had a single goal to show for it, a well worked free kick move. As we all know one goal is never often enough and sure enough from a lovely Adam Chicksen free kick, the big German bundled in late.

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