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18 years ago today a little shell-shocked and definitely unprepared for what a life-changing experience it was to become, I held the tiniest little bundle in my arms in the maternity ward at Pembury Hospital in Maidstone. A fluff of blonde hair, face all scrunched up and 7lb 4oz of a newborn baby.

My son hasn’t had the most uncomplicated childhood, circumstances have not always been the easiest but incredibly he has grown to be an amazing unassuming, caring and balanced young man. He’s funny too, which he gets from me!

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My 2017 Top Five Favourite Places

Last on my short agenda of Top Five’s is Places. My list for 2017 is a mix of old and new. I was lucky to get to some familiar places again last year such as Barcelona, North Fork, Beaver Creek and San Francisco, all of which I love but although they didn’t make my favourite five, a couple of my old tried-and-true did.

So here are my Top Five Favourite Places that I visited in 2017:

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My 2017 Top Five Favourite Hotel’s

The second of my belated 2017 Top Five’s is Hotels. I stayed in 26 different hotels last year, but after much back and forth I’ve chosen five, so please join me to test the bouncyness of the bed, the 500 thread sheets and copious amount of pillows that usually end up on the floor as I guide you through My 2017 Top Five Favourite Hotel’s:

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My 2017 Top Five Favourite Restaurants

I got a little waylaid with these, well actually I forgot. But selfishly I wanted to post them, so close your eyes if you’re not interested in a little narcissism.

I going to post my final three 2017 Top Five’s in quick succcesion starting with Restaurants. Picking five wasn’t easy but I’ve had a crack so these were my Top Five Favourite Restaurants of 2017:

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The skeleton. Who an earth invented that? Superb from Lizzy Yarnold, who is from a family of Addicks, to claim back to back Olympic gold medals in the skeleton, basically lying on a metal tray with your nose an inch from a frozen downhill ravine travelling at 80 mph. How a girl from Sevenoaks picks that as a career I will never know.

Yarnold is brilliant in front of the camera. Inspirational, self-deprecating and funny, and the country smiled with her yesterday as she smashed the course record at the sliding centre at Pyeongchang to grab gold as teammate Laura Deas won bronze in what was the most successful day ever for GB at a Winter Olympics.

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MK Dons 1 Charlton Athletic 2

F5, F5, F5, F5..

For about 90 seconds Addicks’ celebrated a little breathing space after Josh Megennis headed in his third in four matches to put us 2-0 up at Stadium MK. However, nope, they had to keep us all on tenterhooks, and for me that was pressing the refresh button what appeared every couple of minutes, but it was probably more likely every few seconds on Twitter whilst on a flight from Austin, Texas to New York.

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Olympic marvel

I’m enjoying the Winter Olympics and the shear youth and exhilaration of it all. Although I view summer Olympians with massive admiration and reverence, I truly marvel at these young men and women hurtling down mountain sides and iced tunnels at break neck speed.

Pyeongchang, which looks a pretty awe-inspiring location for the Games, is 13 hours ahead of Bermuda but between NBC and the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) we are keeping up with events even if I’m never sure whether we are watching them in real time or on repeat.

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